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What do you have hanging from your rear view mirror?

Asked by tinyfaery (41602points) September 13th, 2010 from iPhone

Just curious.

I have an enamel fish, very beautiful, that I got on Maui.

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A butterfly air freshener

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A silk flower lei.

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A cross made from some sort of foam rubber that my daughter made in Sunday School when she was eight. She’s eleven now and most of the bits have fallen off, but I stll have it. And I can recognize my car from a long way off because of it.

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Absolutely nothing. Years ago I found the constant movement in my peripheral vision distracting and never did it again. .
(Typical engineer)

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Nothing…me and my husband use the same car, and he drives it all the time, and he doesn’t really like stuff hanging from the mirror. If i had my way, i’d hang some cute thingy there, maybe a fluffy air freshener or something.

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My ex-wife!

Naw. I’m still on my first wife. I hope I never have to hang her off my mirror, nor she to have to have me off her mirror.

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Shrunken heads.

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Nothing, like @worriedguy , I don’t like the distraction. and I’m not an engineer but I raised one.

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Nothing, hell i dont even have a rear view mirror right now…..
I hit a nasty pot hole and it broke right off my windshield.

In my state its illegal to have stuff hanging from the mirror.

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Nothing. It would distract me and besides, he’d rip it down! just like he would a bumper sticker

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

A sack of russet potatoes. ;)

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Parking permit for the airport parking lot.

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Nothing right now. I use to hang my stethescope from it.

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A pair of fuzzy dice when I’m in nerd mode.

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Hitler’s missing testicle, hanging in a net woven from his pubes…...nah, not really. Just an air freshener fashioned from my football team’s crest.

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A front-view mirror! :p

Nothing actually.
I do what I can do minimize the number of things that have the potential to distract me from paying full attention to my driving.

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My Ninja charm. Some people think that he’s a little space man.

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NOTHING! I really hate stuff hanging, stuck or otherwise attached to cars (including bumper stickers). I haven’t done that since high school.

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Oops you said rear view mirror. LOL,

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Nothing. It distracts me and I sure don’t need any other distractions while driving. It would impede me from giving the middle finger to those drivers who need it.

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I have a necklace of tiny, gold colored dice that I got at my first GenCon. I like to mess with them while I’m driving.

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What or whom?

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A crystal pendant.

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I don’t have anything hanging from the mirror, but I do from the handles in the roof on the back; a union jack heart to go with my union jack mini :)

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A magic tree air freshener :-/ it’s not really magic though!!!!!! Smells good!

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Uhm, nothing. I’m all grown up.

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The cord to my iPhone charger.. Because AT&T makes cheap ass equipment and it only works if it’s held a certain way when plugged into my phone.

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I have an airfreshener in the shape of a jelly bean which smells like tangerine!

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I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it was a gift and it’s really lovely. It’s something like a small charm

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where did you get the shrunken heads? I want a good quality one to hang off mine.

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A plastic cherry shaped air freshener and a realistic looking fake spider from a string. Creeps some people out… love it!

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