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Has anyone ever bought software from Ecost Software?

Asked by LeonGibbon (8points) March 27th, 2008

I’m in the market to buy some software and have found it at a good price on Ecost Software ( but I can’t find any reviews or feedback on whether they’re a good/reliable/legit company. Can Fluther help?

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@leongibbon, no but if you check the BBB, then you can see for yourself. Currently, they have 821 Total Complaint against them, so i would be careful. Cheers

nzsteve's avatar and the refered in the BBB link are not the same company

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This was my first time buying from them and I’m Still waiting for package to arrive. I know they have taken the money out my account, and according to their website they had and still have the product in stock. I phoned and a young man kept me on hold while he went to investigate, came back with no understanding of what was happening, told me he would ring back the next day with information, I’m still awaiting three days later.

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I had the same problem as artine4, and unfortunately I paid with my maestro card.

They are definitely running some kind of scam because when they took my money, even though they told me that they didn’t have the software in stock but it was due in about a month’s time, the stock levels went down from 10 to 8 to 6 back to 10 to 8 to 6 etc etc. I watched this for over a month daily. It’s like their system is set up to show buying and replenishing stock levels activity.

Thanks to them I had a VERY worrying Christmas and I was given the runaround (but the people there sound so polite!).

Eventually I did get my money back (only because my bank told me exactly what to do) but funnily, when it comes to getting your money back, you have to chase them a fair bit (i.e. their website says that they answer emails within 20 minutes, answer phone calls in 20secs etc) but this is NOT true when it comes to refunds. They simply won’t get back to you.

Also, when it comes to refunds, they don’t keep their word.

And finally, I actually caught them out when I was on their online Chat, basically they impersonate each other and who you think you are talking to you actually are not (i.e. I chatted to ‘Derek’ in the morning, when I chatted to someone else in the afternoon (not Derek) he said hello and that he’d spoken to me in the morning, all very confusing !!!)

Basically keep away.

P.S. Whilst I love Adobe software and the people there, I even checked with Adobe about eCostsoftware and they were adamant that I wouldn’t have any problems with them. Even when i told them what had happened, only then did they admit that they are not an authorised adobe reseller.

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Hello JezUK, what did you do for them to give you back the money.Can you please share with us what your bank told you what to do?
Im desperate waiting for a money refund.

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i’ve been buying from this company and they have always been best to me.. my items arrived very quickly and best thing is they have the cheapest price around. :)

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Well the software I wanted and you can look it up was Adobe Production Premium upgrade from product point. Watch it yourselves if you dont’ believe me. Right now, as of 17th March 2009 @ 19:10 there is a stock level of 10. Watch the stock levels daily and see that it goes from 10, to 8 to 6 over a 1 or 2 and then gets bumped back up to 10 again and repeats the sequence. It’s done this for around 3 months. Ring up eCostSoftware and ask them if they actually have any of this item in stock. When I was watching this stock level behaviour, they told me that they didn’t have any in stock. When I then told them that I’d seen this behaviour, they said that they would take that item off the site (3 months ago). Also, if you do a search on them, you will find others saying the same thing (it’s a review site, but I can’t find it at the moment). Also, the software that I was looking to buy was £831 at the time I placed my order and as I said, they’d taken the money straight away. Now it’s just under £1000 (more realistic pricing)

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