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What do you have as your background and screensaver?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 13th, 2010

I think it tells alot about a person what they have as there background and screensaver.

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I took my partner’s laptop and kept his thick wall of bamboo plants background and I don’t have a screensaver.

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Background: A picture of the earth taken from the space shuttle showing a great view of a curved horizon.

Screen saver: “mydefrag”

Yep, pretty much screams “geek”, don’t it…. ;)

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A night time scene showing a lake, trees on either side, stars and a HUGE moon just over the lake.

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USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) (for both)

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I have a picture of a funnel cloud as it crosses the road in front of my car at the rest stop we took shelter at.

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Mine is identical to @Simone_De_Beauvoir‘s

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Favorite photos I have taken.

Right now it shows little green tomatoes which remind me how much I enjoyed this summer’s weather.

I use John’s Background Switcher to change the picture every 15 minutes.

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It may tell more about us than our garbage.
I switch mine out every 2 days. I have a puppy, a maltese now but often have family members or old friends.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Really! Mine just came that way with the bamboo, and I never changed it.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@marinelife Oh, maybe it’s a standard.

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My background is my selfmade GVD Typhon.
I have no screensaver.
Read me my soul, Sigmund.

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Right now it’s rather crappy photo of St. Basil’s, but it’s normal artsy erotica/nudes. I’ve never, ever had a screen savor – I’m never there to see it, so why put all the effort into something I don’t need?

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Johnny Cash in his underpants….for both ;)

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Background is picture of Aurora Australis (i.e “Southern Lights”) seen from Antarctica.
Screensaver is just generic OS X screensaver.

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My football team’s crest/shield, no screensaver for me.

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A picture of my wife from our honeymoon.

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The engineer again….
Just a simple windows blue screen so the icon are easy to see.
No screen saver. I shut off the display to really save power.

—Booorring. But not embarrassing when I do a presentation.—

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Our two dogs are our screensaver

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I have a picture that my boyfriend took of the castle on Loch Ness in Scotland, it’s such a beautiful picture.

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My fiancée on the bed <private, and you would not believe it anyhow>

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Background – Something I found on Deviantart. A chibi cat in a cartoon style, poking out the bottum right of the screen with a window above him. The color scheme is black and blue, and the text is: “Stalker Kitteh is watching YOU…you…youyou….

Screensaver: .. Wierdo.. jumpy.. colors. On a black screen. That’s all woo.

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A picture of a cat I thought was cute~

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My background is a view of Paris. My screensaver is a small rotating collection of old family pictures.

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This is my current BG

I change it regularly :)

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Background: blue with Windows logo in the middle. In other words, the not-quite-offensive-yet-far-from-satisfactory background that came with Windows 7 Starter that you can’t $@”%ing change because it’s Windows 7 Starter. It’s all right, I’m okay.

Screensaver: SETI@Home

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Background – An image of the earth taken from a space ship in low earth orbit

Screen saver – I have a defrag utility that runs as a screen saver and displays its progress.

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