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What's a good course title for this Art class?

Asked by Carly (4550points) September 13th, 2010

I’m currently taking a 300 level studio art class at my college. Right now it’s a topics class called “Visual Resources.” The school wants to officially add the course to our catalog, but my teacher wants to rename the title of it. He’s asked us to come up with a better name, but I’m stumped. Maybe you guys can help.

Here’s what the class is mainly about:
We are using photographic images (either ours or from others we have permission from) to inspire other forms of art that we are making. We are mostly be drawing, painting and monoprinting, and will be writing a large paper (15–20 pages) researching other artists who use photography in their work as well as for inspiration.

Hope you guys can help!

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Inspirational photography? Or Photographic Inspiration?

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Photo-Inspired Art

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@marinelife Ooo, that’s better!

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Photo-Referential Design


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I’d love to do this course!!

I like @SundayKittens

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Inspired Images

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Photo Synthesis

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@Austinlad OOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Improvisational Paintography

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Photographic Muses.

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Altered images. :-/

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Inspiring photographic?

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@Austinlad Seems to have really nailed this with, ”Photo Synthesis

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Photo-manipulation 101? * Cough * It sounds like Photo-manip to me.

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I have to say I like Photo Synthesis.

Trans-Medium Images might be applicable, as you are taking a photograph and reproducing the image in a different medium, either two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally.

Second-Vision – a photograph is an artistic representation. By creating a representation of an image captured in a photograph, the student is required to look past the superficial and retell the story in the original image, adding their interpretation in a fresh medium.

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Photo Synthesis is good. But I’m thinking it’s better for a workshop than a college course…they usually like the course names to be self-explanatory and scholasticish. yes, I made that word up

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@SundayKittens All words can have -ish added on to them. Because I said so.

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@Saun I would think that photo manipulation would be digital adjustments to photos.
Most of the time we aren’t even physically using the photos in our work.

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How about “Photographic Communication”?

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