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Can you think of your own clever, two-word proverb?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) September 13th, 2010

Proverbs are popularly defined as short expressions of popular wisdom. Efforts to improve on the popular definition have not led to a more precise definition. The wisdom is in the form of a general observation about the world or a bit of advice, sometimes more nearly an attitude toward a situation.

Let’s get creative and make up our own short and simple two-word proverb. It can be funny, weird, serious… anything!

Examples: Money talks, time flies.

If you can’t think of one, try a three-word proverb.

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shit smells

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Unoriginal, but I like them:

Shit happens.

Instant Karma.

Opposites attract.

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@zen_ Thank you for contributing original ones, it is nice to hear them too!

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Love frees

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Attitude matters.

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kick the tire

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Sandwich, please.

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Dig it.

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Love never lasts

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Get crunk?

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Patience refines.

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@eden2eve , I loved yours. That was a really good one

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Don’t panic

(thanks douglas adams)

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Rage Hard!

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Shit Fertilizes

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Love sucks.

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Poverty sucks
Love hurts (Nazereth)

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Not really. But I have a four-word motto that consists of two related (rhyming) two-word commands:

Never complain;
Never explain

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It depends. It’s my answer to most questions.

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I have a two parter
Plant a potato
Get a potato

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Scratch, sniff.

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Suck down.

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Party hearty.

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Sleep more.
Eat less.
Get out.
Go on.
Say hello.
Smile. Smile!

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I dabble in the constructed language of toki pona, with a goal of optimal simplicity and focus on good. It has a vocabulary of a bit over 100 words, and it’s alphabet only has 14 letters. Nonetheless, we have quite a few very simple proverbs. Only one well known 2 worder comes to mind, though we have a sort of favorite proverb that is only 3 words, one of which is purely grammatical. Here they are:

Pilin pona (Feel good)

Ale li pona (All is good)

Just a little aside, sorry for being a bit off topic :x

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Face your fears.

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Make sense.

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You, leave!

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@tinyfaery yes!!!!!!
It’s relative.


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Eh, whatever.


Screw it.

Wasn’t me!


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And my life’s philosophy:
Bitch please.

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@SundayKittens – I’m stealing your life’s philosophy

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Days creep . . .
Years fly.
Eyes weep . . .
Tears dry.

Four “proverbs” with a side order of rhyme.

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@iamthemob It is truly one to live by.

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Love Lives

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@SundayKittens And let’s not forget the equally helpful Move Bitch.

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How about passive aggressive??

Leave it.
Forget it.
It’s nothing.
Just go.
You won’t.
I can’t.
Just because.
You know.
You said.
I forget.
No, you.
Fine, then.
I’m off.

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@bob_, @SundayKittens I’m fairly certain that if one of the words is “bitch,” it’s a life lesson proven true over and over again – right, bitches? ;-)

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You can take that to the bank, beeyotch! ~

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Walk softly.

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Question everything. :-/

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@anartist for you walk on my dreams…

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Exactly….. ;-)

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Fart proudly.
Let go.
Abhor vacuums.

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Hunt knowledge.
Cultivate wisdom.

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Pain hurts.

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Productive procrastination.

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“Great Question”
“Great Answer”
“Stop Following”
“Flag as…”

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Vampires suck.

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Eat a peach.

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Say what!

Okay, I think we’re running out of ideas here.

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Am not.
Are too.

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Your mama.
another to live by

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Think first.
Love honestly.
Hug often.
Listen please.
Smoke outside.
Drive defensively.
Shower frequently.
Question authority.
Doubt everything.
Show respect.
Demand respect.

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Be yourself :-/

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Love me
For me

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@Scooby‘s cheating!

Huh – that’s a two word proverb too…

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Later, maybe.

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Quite right, two not four! :-/ Tch…..

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