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Video from computer to TV?

Asked by dillanger (6points) September 13th, 2010

Does anyone know what the best way is to connect the video from my desktop computer to my TV? Some sort of wifi streaming?

I have seen that Apple TV can play videos from iTunes, but iTunes videos are limited in formats (e.g., no .AVIs) and it doesn’t like it would work for sites like Hulu. My goal is to cancel my cable subscription and connect TV from over the internet to my home TV set via some sort of computer interface.

I have a Panasonic Vizio HD TV with HDMI input but also conventional co-ax, S-video, and component inputs. There is no VGA input though.

Since my computer is in a different room, I probably don’t want to have to move it and directly connect it. I’d rather find a way to stream to the TV via some sort of box (Apple TV?, Roku?, GoogleTV?, ...)

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What kind of connector(s) does your TV have? Is it Hi-Def? If you are not sure, we can figure it out from the brand and model.

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I use something called Tvirsity and my xbox, or PS3. works better if both devices are wired via cat5 though. Wireless action scenes get choppy.

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@jaytkay asks the most important question. @sandalman is right – but many Hi-Def televisions have HDMI hookups too—so you may only need to buy an HDMI cable and you can hook your computer right up to the television. It will then act as both the monitor and speakers for your computer. If you use a VGA hookup, you will still have to play the sound from your computer.

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Don’t know how well these things work but a quick read through some of the customer reviews should give you a good idea.

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