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Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I wouldn’t pay $52 for it but I like it enough that if it was cheaper, I’d consider getting it.

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How come they don’t show the model with it on from the front?

harple's avatar

Someone’s put @frenchfry on a dress! It’s lovely! I never spend that amount on clothing, so I can’t comment on whether it’s worth buying…

janbb's avatar

Kinda funky but cute – could definitely see it on you, @jj -err, mama cakes.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Very cute! I love the design on it. I’d pay $52!

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

I do have the shape for it.

tinyfaery's avatar

It’s not my thing, but I see how it could be cute, maybe with a pair of knee-high boots. And $52 dollars for a dress is a bargain, in my opinion.

muppetish's avatar

I’d like it more if they had taken a full colour ukiyo-e print as I’m not a fan of inverted photos. However, the dress itself looks to be of a nice style, cut, and quality material – not for $52 dollars though.

bob_'s avatar

I was going to ask if you can pull it off, but now that you’ve said that you do have the shape for it, the only thing left for me to say is: PICS OR IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@tinyfaery Depends on the dress – that one is short and casual and isn’t an evening gown – it shouldn’t cost that much.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

I’m thinking that the long sleeve Henley would be cozy for the winter.

CherrySempai's avatar

I’m not a fan of the style. The Geisha is cute, but you’d really have to add the right accessories to make it something I’d like. :]

I think $52 is way too much, though. I’ve gotten much cuter dresses for $20 or $30. If it’s simply the Geisha you’re going for, it’s up to you. If it’s the actual dress, I think you could find it for a much better price.

It does look warm for winter, though. ;D

Blackberry's avatar

Looks good for winter only, because of the long sleeves.

tinyfaery's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I pay more than that for shirts. I think it’s quite reasonable.

@Mama_Cakes Do you plan to wear it over pants?

erichw1504's avatar

I like it just plain black.

Pandora's avatar

I would get the print in a shirt but not on a dress. Much less pay 52 dollars for it. The print doesn’t really do much to enhance the dullness of the dress. I would prefer to pay 52 dollars for a plain black dress that I can dress up with jewelry or scarfs or a belt than have a dress that its only redeeming factor is that it has a cut print.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I don’t buy dresses that often, but I thought the one with the design was hideous.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

@tinyfaery No. With boots, boots, magical boots or heels.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

I think that Henley’s look good with heels.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

lol, Now I am liking this dress better. Same price.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Mama_Cakes That one I like. You could do a lot of different things with it or leave it simple.:)

tinyfaery's avatar

I like the second one better, too.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

And, I can pull off the brown.

Pandora's avatar

@Mama_Cakes I love the second choice. There is so much you can do with that.

Aster's avatar

I like it . It would look great with opaque hose (what are they called now? Out of style?) and short boots.

janbb's avatar

Love the second one.

iamthemob's avatar

First choice – although I would like to see how the print works on the body.

marinelife's avatar

The shape of the first one does not look like it would be very flattering on.

The second one is cut better. It is very cute.

rts486's avatar

I like it, but I guess it depends on where you’ll wear it.

le_inferno's avatar

Overpriced and kinda ugly, I wouldn’t wear it.

@tinyfaery $52 for a simple cotton jersey dress is a bargain to you?! Sheesh, where are you shopping, woman?!

bob_'s avatar

@iamthemob Funny, I’d like to see how the body works. OH SNAP! XD

tinyfaery's avatar

@le_inferno I like nice clothes. What can I say? They last longer and fit better.

bob_'s avatar

@tinyfaery Hear, hear! I ♥ my Italian suits.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

I agree with @Aster With the right touches, either dress would look great. But with the first especially, a pair of tights and boots (mid-calf or ankle booties with heels would look best, in my opinion) would really touch it up – and make it a bit warmer for fall/winter

le_inferno's avatar

Well, IMO there’s a difference between buying nice clothes and spending way too much money on a simple item, when you can find the exact same thing for ⅓ the price somewhere else. Cotton dresses are something you can get for like, $12.50 at stores like H&M and Charlotte Rousse. I’ve got tons of stuff from H&M and none of it has fallen apart or gone bad on me. And they fit wonderfully. Personally, I pick and choose what I spend money on. Tshirts, casual dresses/skirts, blousey tops, I go cheap. Things I’ll splurge on are jeans and sweaters. God, there is nothing worse than a cheap, itchy sweater or stiff, ill-fitting jeans from a store like H&M. Lol.

Mama_Cakes2's avatar

I got a blouse for 12 bucks at Charlotte Russe. I love that store!

free_fallin's avatar

I like different looking designs on clothing and I think this one has the potential to be very sexy on a person with the body to pull it off buy it!. The brown is stylish in a conservative kind of way; I like it, too. I can see you wearing the black dress at some awesome modern avant-garde type restaurant or art opening. It’s definitely my kind of style. I would pay 52$ for it though I do think it is a little pricey considering it’s jersey cotton.

trailsillustrated's avatar

the price no big deal in my mind. don’t like the big screenprint. honest opinion

FactFromFictionTruthFromDction's avatar

If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. I don’t like either of them, but being a man I know less than zero about women’s clothes. The pic of the second dress is too small for me to have a strong opinion.

Blackberry's avatar

TJ Maxx and Burlington coat factory FTW.

NaturallyMe's avatar

When i saw the outfit on it’s own there i didn’t like it, but it looks cute on the model – i wouldn’t have thought that’s what it would look like if one had put it on, hehe.
Anyway, i also wouldn’t spend that much on that outfit (i’m not in the US, so i don’t know what’s the norm as far as clothing prices are over there).

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@CherrySempai @Blackberry warm for winter? Long sleeves don’t mean warm, it’s only made out of thin cotton.

Blackberry's avatar

@ninahenry It is just that, where I am living now and where I am from, the warm seasons are really warm. It would look strange if a woman was wearing a long-sleeved dress on a hot day. The woman could wear a coat or something over the dress, and take the coat off when she gets inside to a warmer atmosphere.

ninahenry's avatar

@Blackberry true, but it still doesn’t look warm enough for anything. It’s the kind of style that’d need to be layered anyway as it’s a bit too plain on its own.

Blackberry's avatar

@ninahenry You’re the boss, I don’t know anything about women’s fashion lol. Maybe it’s a fall or spring dress?

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I don’t like clothes with pictures on them. They just don’t appeal to me.

Dr_Lawrence's avatar

I like it. For someone with a distinct waistline smaller than their band size on top and their hip size, it would work best, regardless of their weight. Accessorizing would be somewhat tricky. Co-opting another’s culture is sometimes a touchy issue.

ninahenry's avatar

@Dr_Lawrence accessorising can be really tricky a lot of the time; at least I find it to be tricky.

@Blackberry I think you’re right there, still with layering/accessories though.

delirium's avatar

I honestly REALLY dislike it. But I dress for a combo of classy, cute, and sexy. It looks too cheap to me. The right girl
Could maybe pull it off with the perfect accessories, but eh.

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hey…I liked the dress..

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