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Which characters who died in movies/books or tv shows, would you have spared their dreadful fate?

Asked by ucme (50031points) September 13th, 2010

Naturally only fictional work applies.There have been a few examples for me when someone I admire dies or is killed, usually towards the end of the piece. I’m thinking Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan Jeff Bridges in Thunderbolt & Lightfoot. Damn it even Robert Shaw in Jaws should’ve lived. So yeah, which “heroes” for you would you liked to have seen spared the grim reapers invitaton?

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Cathy in Wuthering Heights… she’d have made a fabulous old woman!

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Missy in “The Shack.”
Boromir in LOTR
Jenny in Gump

By the way, Robert Shaw deserved to die!

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Professor Dumbledore – I hated it that he died even if it was necessary for Harry’s growth as the hero.

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@Ben_Dover Nah, Dreyfuss now he deserved to be shark food. Pretentious whiny voiced little turd :¬D

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@ucme Yeah, him too!

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I just watched the TV series ‘Damages’ and I would have saved the **SPOILER ALERT**

Tom Shays character. Really pissed me off that they killed him the way they did. Loved that guy.

And, of course ‘Wash’ Washburn. I think I screamed when it happened.

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Stephen Bartowski in Chuck is a recent one that comes to mind.

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Bambi’s mother. I’ve never gotten over that one.

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Hmmm, I might just have to go with the awful fate of every freaking character in Requiem For a Dream ( Darren Aronofsky).... Haven’t seen it?? Yeah that’s some depressing stuff.. by the end I pretty much liked everyone and they all got fu*#ed( some litarally) After that, I would have to go with The Dudes Rug in The Big Labowski….

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Tasha Yar in Star Trek TNG. My lord she looked good in her uniform.

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@Austinlad: You had to mention Bambi’s mother. A curse on you for that! ;-)

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Poor misunderstood Frankenstein, and ditto King Kong.

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@Austinlad ; Wait for it…..........G&G

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@anartist Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s monster?

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@ucme and @Ben_Dover the shark is the only one that deserved to live in Jaws.

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@Austinlad I think you’re bucking a trend here. D’oh!

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all this talk of deer, it’s so fallow I mean shallow…....groan

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I would have saved Sirius Black. More importantly I never, ever, not in a million years would have killed of Emma Horton (Debra Winger’s character) in Terms of Endearment. Larry McMurtry and James L. Brooks might as well just have killed me. I was hysterical and could not even finish the movie. Yes, sometimes I can be slightly emotional!

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@SuperMouse It was a toss-up between who hurt more – Sirius or Dumbledore; I hated both deaths.

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@Ben_Dover i agree with you LOTR one very much

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Julius Caesar

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Robbie and Cecilia from Atonement. And now I’ll be weepy for the rest of the evening.

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Danny, Pearl Harbor.
Piggy, Lord of the Flies ( :( )
SIRIUS BLACK. ;_; Harry Pottah.
I was sad at Dumbledore tooo.. Harry Pottah.

Oh. SIMON, Lord of the Flies too.

Jack coulda died instead.
We’ll leave him as a sacrifice.

.. I can’t think of anymore.

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Pretty much all the good guys from Harry Potter: Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Fred Weasley, Lupin, Tonks, Mad Eye Moody…

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Quint of course :)

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@Ben_Dover I read The Shack, and I have to agree. That was such a sad book.

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Mr Pignati from The Pigman
Holy shit that was a sad book

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From the Harry Potter books, oddly not Dumbledore. His death was necessary for the story.
My choice would be Harry’s owl Hedwig didn’t need to be killed that way. He deserved better.

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@filmfann Psst! Hedwig was female! I completely agree, by the way. Poor Hedwig.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I know, but in the end it was wildly optimistic in a truly heart-felt way. Portraying God and Spirit (Saryu) and Jesse as he did. God is a black woman. Jesus is a big husky bearded bloke more in the manner you might expect for a carpenter of his day and age (4bc).
But Missy was already etching a place in my soul when she is torn from the story. But when we see her again in the end it is so triumphantly real that you are reminded once again to remember that there is more coming after you leave this plane of existence and much of this existence is really only an illusion. Whoa!

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You all probably don’t remember this, but when Annie in Imitation of Life died. That was an all time tear jerker. I still shed tears when I watch that movie.

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Oh yeah! I forgot when Jack Dawson ~ Titanic died. Just wasn’t right, I tell ya.

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None of you Harry Potter folks mentioned Dobby! Dobby didn’t deserve to die!

However, the one death that gets me every single time is Buffy’s mom. I cry and cry and cry every time Buffy finds Joyce dead on the couch.

@Austinlad: Tasha Yar was my favorite character when I was younger. Ask @JilltheTooth about the Halloween costume she made for me in fourth grade. :)

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Jack Shepard from Lost…oh wait,I mean everyone from Lost.
I felt so sad during that last episode that I bawled my eyes out.

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It bothered me when The Incredible Hulk died on the TV show.

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@lucillelucillelucille See what that nasty dude near the top of the thread said? Heartless @*!<^?! :¬(

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John Coffey in The Green Mile, i bawled my eyes out hoping that he would not die in it…waaaaah :)

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@iammia You’ve set me off now…....blubs :¬(

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@ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah pets your head

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sits up & begs for a treat

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@ucme Oh don’t get me started!

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Holy moly, I would save Rorschach of the Watchmen.

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Guido from Life is Beautiful is another that should have been saved. That killing was just wrong in every sense.

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@Pied_Pfeffer hear hear

For more personal reasons, Billy Piper’s dad in Doctor Who – such a hard episode to watch.

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@KatawaGrey You’re right, I totally forgot Dobby! Poor little elf.

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Jack Dawson from the movie “Titanic” and Satine from the movie “Moulin Rouge”

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