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How do you stay calm during a job interview?

Asked by zannajune (1154points) September 13th, 2010

I have an interview in just an hour and I’m starting to get the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. This happens every time I have an interview and I wish I could just be calm! How do you deal with it?

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I don’t. I just pretend that I am calm. Honestly.

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Don’t care if you get the job or not. just present the facts and leave it at that.

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It’s very normal to be nervous. After all, you are there to sell yourself. That will make anyone nervous. Also, the person doing this interviewing, was sitting right where you are once. They understand.

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Thanks everyone. I agree with @poisonedantidote that I just need to not care. Do my best to let them know what I’m about and leave it at that.

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Good luck!!! :)

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Try to engage with your interviewer. Tell a little joke to break the ice, but don’t come off as a clown.

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Try to pretend you are talking to friends, but don’t come off too friendly. Remember, they need an employee you have the experience they need and you are interviewing them also.

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They WANT you to be “the” candidate! They are hoping – you’re the person! Be calm and confident, listen to what they are asking for. Then, if you are qualified, closely link your experiences to that which they have requested. Try to make it easy for them. Good luck!

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Ganji before the interview.

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How’d it go?

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I got the job!

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@poisonedantidote “Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching.”

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I think about the company and why I want to work there. I look at the people around me, those interviewing me and I imagine to work with them.

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@chyna It went really well. It’s definitely a place I want to work and I felt comfortable there. I’ll be going back tomorrow to do a practical interview (give her a massage).

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Oh great! What kind of job is this?

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Massage Therapist

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Just thought I’d let you all know that I got the job! Woohoo! Thanks for the great advice.

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