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Why is the skin underneath my eyes softer and different from the rest of my face's skin?

Asked by Abby (106points) March 13th, 2007
And why is there different moisturizer for it? Is it a scam or does it really need different stuff?
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I would imagine it has something to do with the fact that it is much more vascularized that the rest of the face. There are a lot more blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin there (hence why you get dark circles when you haven't slept much)
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almost all skin cream stuff is scammy. read the ingredients and you will find water, preservatives, mineral oil, fragrance. you can put some nice organic safflower oil on your skin if you like and it will be very good for it. but the high-priced french stuff will make you feel more special.
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But much poorer. Good stuff for skin can be found at your health food store, but is also very costly. Most special stuff is just a rip-off (for heels, eyes, wrinkles, tighening.) I now simply use a really good sun-block with both the UVA and UVB blockers..
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i can't tell you about biology, but i swear by aloe vera (the pure clear stuff) - i've used it daily for years - and i notice that it has a specific effect on the skin under my eyes (makes it less puffy/soft, more like the rest of my face skin)
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Its because the tissue under our eyes can contain more fat than the surrounding areas.

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