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What's one thing about someone you know that you absolutely cannot stand?

Asked by le_inferno (6194points) September 13th, 2010

My suitemate has this friend over all the time, who is constantly laughing. It would be one thing if she had a pleasant, infectious laugh…. but no. She sounds like a goddamned hell-beast. It’s literally the worst sound I’ve ever heard. My stomach wrenches up every time I hear it wreaking havoc on the airwaves. I don’t know how anyone can stand to be around her. I’m in an entirely different room and I want to shoot myself. Gahhhh. Anyone able to relate?

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My mom talks with her mouth full of food.

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My cousin is a hard core bigot. I love him and he’s a lot of fun, but sometimes he makes nasty comments and I can’t help but wince.

Oh yeah, he’s fighting in Afghanistan so I look like a huge asshole if I call him out for making racist comments about Middle-Easterners.

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I don’t like when people talk ridiculously loud.

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I cannot stand the fact that a BIL’s brother wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post in an attempt to debunk the Holocaust ever happened. This man is not stupid. He has degrees from reputable universities in Virginia, including a law degree. It is unimaginable that he could be that stupid to believe it, so that seems to leave the options of attention-getting or a desire to rile up a population. I’d like to think that is the former; the latter two are absolutely shameful.

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My boyfriend absolutely cannot stand that I spend so much time on Fluther…

…wait,l that was the opposite of what you asked…pretend that it was him writing this…

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I work with someone who harangues about the obvious. “It’s very important to meet the client’s deadline. We must find ways to create shortcuts so that we meet the deadline. The client expects us to deliver on-time, a quality product.” “The client” in this case is another department in the same company, and not an external client. I want so badly to so say, “No, shit, Sherlock!” but can’t. It’s reached the point here her vocal inflections should like the English voice-over on a Godzilla movie. I have to leave the room sometimes, or I will throw something at her. She’s not a manager, just another team member.

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My sister…it seems her favorite word is hate. ‘I hate when…’ ‘I hate that…’ I hate such and such…’. Its never ending.

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A dear friend of mine has a hard time vislualizing things/people/situations past face value sometimes. Also, he doesn’t see opportunity where opportunity can be had. He gets stiffled. It’s depressing. I can see so many wonderful things and happenings when everything seems to pass him by.

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My friends brother coughs, and sneezes without covering his nose and mouth.
I really want to smash his face in with a baseball bat everytime he does that.

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I’m not crazy about bullshitters.

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Oh geez. Sorry. I could go on and on but I’d have to do so under another name!

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My bf sometimes chews tobacco at home and spits it into soda cans or styrofoam cups. ICK.

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@Neizvestnaya oooh, poor baby, I feel for ya!

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Not remembering my birthday. (Fortunately, I have very special friends who do.)

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I know someone who raped a girl and got away with it completely and cleanly.

Every time I see him and his sly smile, it takes every fiber of my being to prevent me from skinning him alive.

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I work with someone who is extremely arrogant and seems to believe that every word coming out of her mouth is the gospel truth. She makes up narratives about the world around her and tells them as if that is what actually happened and she is going to inform us of how the world actually works.

Every once in a while she graces us with her presence in the lunch room to tell us about these convoluted stories and her genius opinions. I’ve never met anyone else like this – it’s hard to describe but it’s really something. I’m allergic to her and avoid her at all costs.

When she describes a story, she tells you what everyone in the story was thinking and where they were coming from (even though she has no idea what they were thinking and she has just made it up). She is extremely presumptuous and puts words in other people’s mouths.

It truly never occurs to her that there could possibly be another explanation for things or that someone could possibly have a different perspective or opinion. To her, everything she believes is reality. A normal person might describe things in terms of “I think…” or “From my perspective…” or “My opinion is…” but she describes things in terms of “She is one of those people that…” or “He thinks that…” or “you have to include _________ in this project” or “you should….” or “you need to…” or “what we really need is….”

I guess what it really boils down to is a lack of respect for other human beings.

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@iamthemob And is he okay with you being the mob? Or is it more of a be cool with it or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes kind of thing?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: Ah, yes, I found myself in the same predicament once. I was unfortunate enough to be invited to the same party as the man who raped one of my best friends. I was the only one there who knew what he did.

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@KatawaGrey, that’s absolutely sickening. This guy raped one of my good friends and still goes to school with us. He is even considered a “pillar” of the community. He knows that I and a few others know and he stays away. Scumbag.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard @KatawaGrey

I can understand the volcanic pressures straining your restraint.

How in the hell did they get away with it?

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My friend’s sister rocks her body really hard on the couch when we’re watching tv.

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A coworker who enjoys the tinny, unworthy, totally useless, shit-hole quality of the music that comes out of her iphone, or whatever that thing is she has. The music itself she plays is fine… it’s the fact she enjoys the shitty quality of that speaker. Like all people who do this, she’s in denial. She’s not actually enjoying the music… she’s enjoying the nostalgia of hearing that music, at some previous time, when it was played through real speakers and sounded like real music.

What is it with iphone and Sidekick people? It’s as if they have regressed the quality of phone conversations back to the 1800s level, and have regressed the quality of music listening to the 1950s transistor radio era. Cell phone addicts have given up all hope of quality and real-time enjoyment, in favor of being in touch with their social network.

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Attention whoring.

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Those who abuse others and then blame the victim.

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Those who are so insecure that they feel the need to “correct” others in the presence of as many people as possible, as loudly as possible—when an aside later would do the trick.

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I used to have a friend, whose longtime boyfriend cheated on then eventually dumped her. After that she became obsesses with finding a new man. She would regularly break engagements with me and other friends when some guy would turn up with a better offer. She would also talk on the phone with whatever guy was flavor of the month when she was out at lunch with us or doing something with us that was specifically supposed to be “just the girls.” And then she got mad at us for telling her that we thought it was a bad idea for her to date a married man, who’s wife was in our extended social group. But it really got bad when she started repeating this line to me, “I don’t expect you to understand!” She was simply Man Hungry and it was awful. I tried to be supportive, but after she started treating people poorly, I had to bail out.

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@Kardamom wow. I knew someone just like that. She was nuts.

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Yeah, it was really too bad, because before the longtime boyfriend cheated on her and dumped her (they were together about 6 years) she was very nice and pleasant to be around. But after that, she was always convinced that any man that she was currently dating (and there was a string of about 20 of them over the next few years) was going to leave her if she didn’t do everything exactly as they wanted/expected from her (including dating a married man with a child and not questioning it, and not walking out on some of the other guys that ended up cheating on her too, she just put up with it) Her new found insecurity made her do things and act in a way that was not conducive to having any lasting happiness with these guys or with her friends. She eventually ended up married to a man that was kind of selfish and rude.

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