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PSP or DS?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) September 13th, 2010

So I have a DS lite and I want to know if it’s worth it to either buy a DSi, or trade it all in and get a PSP?

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Get a PSP if you can, but don’t trade your DS. Both are great. Of course that depends on what kinda gamer you are…I’d say fuck the DSi and get a 3DS instead, if you really want another DS portable.

As for the PSP, get a 3000 or a Slim, but avoid PSP Go. But yeah, dun trade your already owned DS. I own both and I love em both.

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I too think you should wait just a bit longer (end of this year, possibly beginning of next year) for the 3DS to be released. I have played both PSP & DS games & I find that DS games keep me coming back for more. I feel that Nintendo releases better first party titles than Sony. Before buying, scroll through each gaming devices release catalog, PSP & DS & see which catalog has games that you prefer.

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DS omnom’s PSP.

If you don’t like any of the new one’s they’re BOUND to make another one that fits your style more in the next year or so.

:D Saw the avatar pic and went….. wait….. >.>

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I’m 100% on team DS. The DS has a truly original library of games, and the touch pad adds a a unique twist to game play that only the iPhone/iPod Touch touches the surface of. I have two PSP’s that have been handed down to me by friends and the only game I ever played was Patapon. I own a PS3 and a PS2 so I feel like I get my “Playstation” fill from either of those. I’ll take Blu-ray over tiny screen anyday.

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Definitely the PSP. The DS sucks, trust me you don’t want a DS. There are no good games for it, the graphics suck and it’s old. With the PSP the graphics are much better and there are better games for it. Overall I would get the PSP Go its newer and probably has more features than the old PSP.

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@Cdog95 – As an owner of both the DS and PSP I cannot agree with you on most of your points.

It does have better graphics most of the time, BUT in some cases the DS actually DOES beat it in graphics. And overall, the DS makes up for it’s graphics in unique gameplay, or just disguises it in the game (ex. Scribblenauts)

I would also like to point out we are all talking about ANY DS. Not just DS. Probably the DSi or DSi XL. So it is not old.

And one last thing, you saying “There’s no good games for it.” Is an opinion. Who DOESN’T like scribblenauts? :( Maybe that’s just me who likes it.

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If you want better graphics buy a psp.I have one and i enjoy it.

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