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Is there a website where you can write anything just to store what you wrote but no one will be able to read it?

Asked by f4a (601points) September 13th, 2010

its easier to just write it on email but I don’t want to store it there. Know any websites?

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You could create a blog & set the privacy to be a personal page, not public.

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They sell blank books at stores called diaries/journals. And you don’t even need to be around a computer to use it. ;-)

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The Church of Latter Day Saints runs one. If you don’t mind using a website from a religious group, it’s pretty good. I don’t remember very much in the way of religious overtones.

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Anything stored on the Internet runs the risk of exposure. Everything you store anywhere online is retained in something owned by somebody, and that somebody is not you unless you have your own servers and service provider capabilities. So you are ultimately at the mercy of (a) whoever owns the storage place that has your data, (b) anyone who works for or with them and has access, and (c) anyone who hacks into it.

If you don’t want anyone to see what you write, write it in a private place and lock it up. Take @Afos22‘s advice and don’t use electronic media at all.

Or how about password-protected and/or encrypted files on your own hard drive and not on the Internet? The Internet is open to the entire world.

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I use Google Docs for this. No one has access to any of the documents I see but me (except when I send them to someone. But mostly, I keep them to myself.

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^ Except you – and GOOGLE.

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You can download the app (but you don’t have to) and whatever you type will be synced to your “private cloud”. If you don’t download the app, then you just go to the website. type your notes.

Access anywhere. Private. Good.

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I think Blogger would help, not quite sure though..

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If you want your docs NOT be read by anyone other than yourself, just don’t have it stored online.

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