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My right lower stomach hurts sometimes and my navel is sore, why?

Asked by money (11points) September 13th, 2010

the left lower side hurts off and on and the inside of my navel is sore and it hurts when I bend over

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Abdominal Cramps?

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Is it the right or left? Are you male or female? When you say on and off, when did the pains start and how long do they last? Can you describe the pains (dull, aching, stabbing, etc)? When you say inside your navel, do you literally mean inside your navel or do you mean behind it (actually inside your body)?

It could be a number of things, menstrual cramps, ovulation pains, gas, stomach ache, pulled or overworked muscle. If you are really concerned about it, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

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This is a classic description of appendicitis (typically right lower quadrant pain + bellybutton soreness). Some people also complain of appendicitis pain on the left side. Of course, it is impossible to tell given the limited amount of information. Go see a doctor.

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You know exactly how you feel, but as readers, we’ve been given a negligible amount of information. The bottom line is that you need to see a doctor. Basic blood work will probably tell a lot.

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Could also be intestinal trouble.

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Sounds exactly like what I had and you could have an umbilical hernia or Inguinal hernia . Have you lifted anything heavy?? Done some aggressive exercise? Is your belly button protruding? Either way go see a doc ASAP!

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Your appendix is on the lower right, not lower left. I sometimes get a sore navel in advance of a cold. If I’ve ever had lower left abdominal pain, it may have been gas, or at one point a kidney stone lodged in the bottom of the tube between the kidney and the bladder—but in this latter case the pain was closer to the back. Female problems or hernia or blockage in the small intestines is possible, depending.

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@ichthus While I doubt this person has appendicitis, and agree that in most cases appendiceal pain occurs on the lower right, the appendix is a mobile structure and occasionally is very long. It can move behind the cecum, or dip down into the pelvis, and can sometimes cause pain on the left side. People don’t read textbooks.

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thanku all. I’m a 28 male and it’s sometimes a stabbing pain and a dull pain most of the time. The pain in my navel is like it is inside my body behind it. I feel sick periodicly during the day. No nausea just feel like I get hot flashes and my legs feel wobbly. Made a dr. Appt. For tomorrow. Thank you all for ur comments!

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