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What is at the end of the red brick road in The Wizard of Oz?

Asked by mineown (438points) September 13th, 2010

In The Wizard of Oz, we know all about the yellow brick road, but it never tells us anything about the red brick road? What does it lead to?

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If what I remember is correct – it is a road that leads to Quadling Country in Oz.
Found a map of the place. Here is some more information.

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What is Quadling Country?

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If that is so, then the red brick road leading to Quadling Country in Oz leads to the quarter section of Oz ruled over by Glinda the Good (a very powerful white witch). It is in the South of Oz.

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its the red light district

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Glinda’s porn shoot!

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Wisard of Oz silly! Thats what it leads too!

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Some traffic cones and a barrier with an overweight builder showing his arse whilst drinking tea from his flask.

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The Quadling Country is one of five divisions in The Land of Oz. Take a look at the two links that @rpmpseudonym provided (they are in read on the post.)

@Ben_Dover Wow…I didn’t realize that Glinda represented the South instead of the North. Chalk it up to brain-washing from the 1939 movie version, even after reading all of Baum’s books.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I remember her as being referred to as the Good Witch of the North from the movie, too. But everything I have been reading since this question piqued my interest indicates that she is a Southern babe!

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This question made me smile.

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