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Do you often find yourself adding the last name of your crush to your name just to hear how it sounds?

Asked by cyn (6913points) September 13th, 2010

I do this often when I’m thinking of someone or past crushes. I add their last name to my first name just to hear how well it sounds. I think I do it because I like when names flow. I don’t know why, but I just do.
Do you find yourself doing the same thing?

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I did it when I was dating and before I married my husband (but the sound of his name wouldn’t have had an effect on our marriage). I haven’t done it since then though.

My husband did it with my name before we got married as well. One day, out of no where before we had even talked about marriage, he said “Stacey ______ sounds good to me”. I was pleasantly surprised. :)

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All of the time.

In fact, sometimes that stops the crushes that I’ve had, because I really don’t like the sound of the name. :)

I dated this one guy really seriously recently, and we talked about marriage quite a bit. The only problem was that I did NOT like his last name by itself, let alone when it was added to my name. I guess that’s one plus to things not working out. :]

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No, and that makes me kind of sad, actually… The last time I did this, I think I was in about the fourth grade. I didn’t even do it when I was briefly engaged in college.

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I’ve done that before.
When I got married I occasionally wondered how Brian Mywife’slastname would sound. ;-)

I’m sure you’ve said the name Cythia Bieber to yourself many times. :-p

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All the time :)

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You have to, or else you’ll end up marrying a girl and giving her the name Martha Focker.

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Just wait ‘til you start practising your possible new signature…

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Julia Goolia!

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I’ve done that. The last time I was ~17.

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Not any more…it stopped at around 13. In high school, our group of friends would brainstorm on names not to use for our children, should we end up marrying our current boyfriends. Things like “Kemper Traylor”, “Budweiser Altizer”, etc.

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I’ve never done that because I wouldn’t take another person’s last name.

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@Pied_Pfeffer LOL! Budweiser Altizer? That’s great!!!

I used to do that because I honestly hated MY last name, so I kept looking for a guy who’s last name would flow with my first name. :P I lucked out on my husband because not only did I fall in love with him pretty much the first night we met, but he also had a fabulous last name!

I have to say though, I still add hot celebrity last names to mine hehehe. Depp, Pattinson, Ford, Connery…..

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Only when I was a teenager.

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I used to do that before I got married. Kinda fun. I used to hate my maiden name sooo glad I got rid of that.

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