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Where can I find cheap harem pants?

Asked by RoseHIP (4points) September 14th, 2010

Under $50 is good! I have small budget. Links are appreciated Thanks

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Here are some I found easily by Googling “harem pants” and “costumes.” I’d also suggest trying “belly dance costumes.” You can probably do much better trying those search terms on your own since you know what you want.

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Harem pants are way easy to sew. Basically you just need two big rectangles of fabric. Split them up the middle to the length you want the legs to be leaving the top part unsplit (the part that goes around your waist and hips). Sew the inner seams of the legs together. Hem the edges of the outer parts of the leg. Sew from the top of the waist band to the point where you want the split to start. Sew in an elastic band around the waist. Sew the bottom of the legs together and put a band of elastic in a casing around the bottom of each leg.

Vola… harem pants for a grand total of less than $20.

Ok… you might be asking how a redneck from Texas knows this. I’ve been married to a belly dancer for over 20 years.

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