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What questions do you avoid on Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33255points) September 14th, 2010

Is there a particular subject you avoid at all costs on Fluther? Or do you stay away from questions by a particular jelly? Do you find some questions distasteful?

Are there some questions you refuse to answer?


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I avoid speculative questions of the general form “If you could have just one {something}, what would it be?” Almost any question that ends in “what would it be?” (go back to one moment in your life, talk to one person you used to know, be on one TV show for a day, etc.) is going to be one of those. I think they are meaningless.

I avoid most questions about religion and nearly all those that ask whether he or she likes me or is ever going to come back or is cheating on me and all those that ask what dreams mean.

I avoid questions that are worded in a deliberately inflammatory way or are straining too hard at being provocative instead of sincere and straightforward. There are also some jellies whose questions I don’t look at. I don’t open those threads at all.

Also most “NSFW” questions are not very interesting. In my opinion.

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Anything to do with religious beliefs and politics i stay clear of, i don’t even read the responses to them either.

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Quite a few truth be told. If it doesn’t tickle my fancy then it’s ruled out.

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Politics . Yuck! Poo

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The ones that I don’t understand. :)

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I avoid religious “debates” and any question that has god in it. It’s all been done before. Waste of time.
Oh! And I skip the NSFW ones. “What happens if I stick this in there?”
Oh puhleeze! Just do it. If it hurts, stop. If it feels good, continue. Don’t bother to tell me about it .
Oh And the dating ones. Yes, the guy is a jerk. All men are. Deal with it.

Clearly I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. On the bright side I noticed Neffie is on top-again.

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None, really. My curiosity runs wide and deep. Obviously, I won’t answer every question, but I’ll read just about anything. The ones I can’t answer may be valuable learning opportunities. Some that might seem too silly for words can be quite entertaining, even if that wasn’t the asker’s intention. And some teenage angst questions are serious cries for help. You just never really know until you click on the question and see what’s involved.

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@augustlan well said and so true! :) I read the questions that I don’t understand. Most of the time I still don’t understand when all is said and done, but at least I try.

Also, I try to help in the teenage angst questions. It wasn’t all that long ago and far away that I was in their shoes, I remember what a big and terrifying world it was at that age. Sometimes the problems that may seem frivolous to many of us are utterly devastating to a teenager with no one to turn to.

@worriedguy me either. Let’s go out, my treat. :)

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@augustlan @TheOnlyNeffie That is one of the strengths of fluther. There are sweet, intelligent, concerned people like you two around to answer the questions I so flippantly ignore.
I’ll make a deal with you. If you continue to answer the angst questions, I’ll cover the electromagnetic wave and UVC topics. Deal?

@TheOnlyNeffie, I must insist. The first one is on me.

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That’s a deal I can agree to.

All that, and a gentleman, too. How about that.

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Of course I am a gentleman. I am speaking with two ladies.

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I don’t answer questions that are posed to start problems because someone is bored. Most of those are religious ones. I will answer on occassion if I feel the question was in earnest. But I now try to answer simply and be in and out.
I also won’t answer teen questions that sound like whinning.
I won’t answer certain questions from certain people who I feel has troll like behavior.
And I won’t answer questions where I feel, I have no knowledge on the subject or the answer would require a small booklet to answer properly.

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women’s issues; (most) relationship issues; “How do I get my X-box to wrok with my new tele plzzzz?”

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I don’t answer questions about war, religion, politics and NSFW.
These can (and sometimes do) lead to arguments.
I would rather stay clear of arguments.

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I quickly get out of threads about God, religion, heaven and hell, and politics, especially ones that turn into diatribes. Beyond a certain point, I have nothing more to add than my opinion or feeling. I leave “truth.” “fact” and “certainty” about these subjects to other, wiser jellies.

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I don’t avoid any questions, but usually respond to questions that are thought provoking!

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I avoid computer or technical questions. I couldn’t help anyone out there. I avoid men’s issues, no help there either. I avoid NSFW as I think some of these are clearly screaming for attention, not really needing help. I avoid most religious questions as it usually turns mean even if the poster asks to stay on topic.

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@chyna you got my vote! oh, i would avoid women issues…loll

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Most if not all of the relationship questions, and all of the dream interpretation questions. Ugh.

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I can’t say there are questions I refuse to answer, I have learned through trial and error that I rather steer clear of religion, politics, teen crushes and technical issues.

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More and more recently. It’s disappointing to give a thoughtful answer only to find that the OP has an angle and only wants to hear from others who agree. I’ve also about had it with flamers who are overtly looking for others to agree or overtly wanting an argument rather than a genuine point-counter point discussion,.
Also questions about juvenile relationships and “why has my bff stopped talking to me?”
And NSFW, Yawn.
I also stop talking to anyone who starts out sentances with the same, tired old string of words that are meant to sound profound but actually mean nothing.

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I don’t really avoid any particular questions, I just don’t answer every question I read.

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The ones on needlepoint and DIY surgeries are better left to the real experts here.

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Also, the question where someone asks “Should I blah blah blah.” Everyone says no you shouldn’t. Poster states all the reasons they are doing blah and is going to do it anyway. Why the heck ask? Just do it.

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It really all depends on my mood and how much time I want to spend Fluthering. Kind of like opening the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Some days, everything looks tasty – even those old carrots (read NSFW questions); other days there’s just nothing I want to eat. I have found the political and religious questions are looking pretty moldy lately, though….

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Those that don’t challenge me I guess.

Fortunately there are a lot of very smart people around here who ask important questions, questions that I wouldn’t even know how to begin to answer on my own.

Strangely I end up avoiding (a better word might be ‘ignoring’) the questions Fluther recommends to me.

Otherwise I don’t find anything distasteful because not much really offends me. I also rather enjoy the NSFW questions because I am juvenile and horny.

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Serious medical questions. I sooo don’t want that responsiblity.

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Political (for the most part). sexuality related issues, certain general topics I do not have a clue on and maybe several others. I should probally avoid philosophical and religious topics as well but it is a very hard thing for me to do.

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I avoid dumb relationship and ‘what does this dream mean?!!!’ questions. I am wary of religion questions though I do sometimes give my input but hate when the quoting scripture begins. I also dislike (for obvious reasons) any questions that will make people say stupid shit about the opposite sex (like ‘oh what does that stupid bitch of a wife of yours do to piss you off?’ from some embittered husband or boyfriend and then the rest of embittered men chime in)

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I stay away from dream questions and those that, on reading the title, I don’t think I could add anything useful to. Any other topic: politics, religion, relationships etc I’ll read and add my thoughts if I have time and something new to add.

As to the NSFW ones: where else can you go and say, “I have the urge to shove A into B. Will I hurt myself?” Probably not your parents or friends. When I first stumbled on this site I was surprised how comfortable people must have felt if the result was asking those types of questions. There is still too much mystery and shame built into sex. Talking about it makes it less mysterious and shameful.

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I think the only ones that I avoid are those that will apparently involve graphic details about bowel movements and/or internal organs.

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“My vacuum cleaner tends to stick when attempting to dispense of those particularly stubborn dog hairs. What, just what am I going to do in order to achieve maximum suction but minimum carpet damage”? << Something along those lines get’s well & truly avoided :¬D

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I love ‘em all.



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Relationships, politics if I can already sense that it will turn into a left vs. right thing, and technical questions about which super RAM processor is best for drawing CAD pictures while building lightbulbs and studying Moscow laws on the Nintendo DS.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Hehehe, you left out schematics for the space shuttle and the sound of the clapping of one hand.

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I read most questions and have even followed questions that deeply offended me to see where the discussion will lead… but I have often prevented myself from replying to questions because “if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I just dole out Good Answer lurve to replies I agree with and navigate my browser elsewhere.

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I always stay away from political and religious question, because I am neither of those.

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I avoid anything technical, because I have no technical aptitude whatsoever. American politics, because I don;t know enough about that either, and it always devolves into a left-vs-right battle. I also avoid questions about other people’s relationships, unless it’s something I have specific personal experience with, because getting involved with those can be a minefield.

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Questions by users who start or end every post with a catchphrase.

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Most technology questions unless I actually do know the answer; most of them I find boring and overly-complicated. Most of them end up becoming orphans, anyway.

I avoid “what does this pink unicorn in my dream mean?” questions, like many people here. I honestly couldn’t care less about what it means, which is probably nothing. Or ones that begin with “ok, so there’s this girl…”

I actually do like to participate in religious and political debates, but if they are written in a way which is meant to be inflammatory, I will probably post one answer calling the OP out on that and then ignore it. Getting a little tired of “are conservatives really this stupid?” questions.

Other than that, I really don’t avoid most questions on purpose. Questions that simply don’t interest me I barely notice in the first place.

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I tend to avoid the questions that are asking for technical advice.

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@DominicX Um, I know what the pink unicorn in your dream means. Like, duh.

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Technical questions about hardware, software and the internet. Where do I eat or where do I find questions. Invitations to play games. Clothing questions. Music questions about bands and songs.

One might ask what questions do I answer. ;-)

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I avoid the political and religious questions for the most part and that’s because they can be very contentious sometimes.

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@DominicX and @Simone_De_Beauvoir Shunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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“Does he/she like/love/want me?”
“What does it mean when a guy/girl does/says this?”

I hate insipid, vague “relationship” questions.

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I spend some time in the LGBT section on Yahoo Answers (mostly for the transgender questions and the ones that annoy the most are the endless “Am I gay?” ones. I’m glad that trend hasn;t started here.

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Does @cprevite like me?

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@downtide Watch out – you may have just opened that door. :-)

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@chyna: Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh

And yes…yes I do.

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I try my hardest to avoid the subject of religions, just reading some of the dross people write can really numbs my brain :-/ it’s just not for me…

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I will add questions about feminism to my list as well.

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