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What is the penalty for marijuana possession in Moscow?

Asked by PeterSJ (7points) September 14th, 2010

I’m curious what the penalty would be for a U.S. citizen caught with marijuana in Moscow. I would also like some authority to base this on (i.e. Russian law). Also, would there be any ramifications in the U.S. upon returning home?

It’s for a friend ;)

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“As of today, Russian drug users and people in possession of small amounts of illegal drugs no longer face any jail time. Under previous Russian law, smoking marijuana or being caught with as little as one-tenth of a gram of it could bring a three-year prison sentence. But in a bald reversal of the Putin government’s hard line against drug users enunciated only two years ago, the Russian Duma approved the changes in November, President Putin signed them into law in December, and they go into effect today.
In February 2002, the Putin government announced a tough, three-year strategy to crack down on drug sellers and users alike. When he presented the package to the Duma, then Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov called for a “total ban on illegal acts related to drugs” and tougher enforcement of the drug laws. “This is prompted by the drug situation that has arisen in our country over the past decade,” Gryzlov said. “The development of legislation is lagging behind the rapidly deteriorating situation.”

At least give the Russians credit for being fast learners. The legislation Gryzlov dreamed of has been tossed in the dust heap of history, and this relatively progressive new law has instead emerged.

Under the package of amendments to the criminal code, distinctions will be made between large-scale drug traffickers and users and small-time dealers. As reported by the Moscow Times, possession of up to ten times the “average single dose” of a controlled substance is no longer considered a criminal offense but an “administrative infraction” punishable by a fine of between five and 10 times the daily minimum wage. Possession of between 10 and 50 times the “average single dose” is considered “possession of large amount” and is punishable by a larger fine and community service, but again no prison sentence. This second measure effectively decriminalizes small-time dealers—unless they get caught in the act of selling.”

From Stop the Drug War

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In soviet russia drugs smoke you!

No I have no idea, but in general transporting drugs acrossed international lines, is an INCREDIBLY bad idea. They could nail you for trafficking. Or heaven forbid you get detoured through China.

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@marinelife Thanks for an informed update. Would that the US was as sensible. The US War on Drugs has turned into a War on Logic with us locking up a larger percentage of our population per capita than any other nation on Earth. It is only “logical” to our rapidly growing for-profit prison system and the legislators they pay off to feed them more customers.

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In Mother Russia marijuana smokes you.

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ahhhhh future episodes of “Locked Up Abroad”...
Seriously don’t do it!!!! Wait a little while and become one of the pioneers in California’s pending marijuana industry!

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