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Would you analyze a trend of your choice?

Asked by wundayatta (58635points) September 14th, 2010

I’m sure most of us see patterns in our lives. It could be anywhere—websites, technology, human relations, space flight, immigration, and more.

I would like you to pick a trend that you think is fairly important, describe it, then speculate about how this trend will play out over the next twenty years.

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There is a trend that girls are hitting puberty earlier than ever and I agree that it is linked to obesity on the rise and to the kinds of foods we, as a society, feed our children (meat and dairy have toxins, hormones that affect young bodies) – I predit there will be more connections found between nutrition and hormonal changes which in turn will be more often linked to cancer and other conditions. In the next 20 years, more people will recognize that they shouldn’t eat meat and dairy and that kids, given how horrible school food is, should eat better.

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I tend to see myself seeking out the more simple things in life almost like a reverse technological revolution. I feel like I am swimming up stream against a tidal wave of technology that frankly does squat to further the human element of living. The internet and computing is an amazing piece of technology but I would trade that in a heartbeat to be able to return to the time when people took the time to have face to face conversations with out a cell phone or laptop within view. Hell even Michelle Obama and Laura Bush can’t go for a casual stroll without the First Lady taking a cell phone call….not the message I think that needs to be sent these days.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I concur.
My trend is somewhere along the lines of the foods that contain toxins. I’ve noticed a rise in aggressive behavior in our young people. Some can be explained by bad parenting, but in many cases I think the damage is done during pregnancy. So many of are foods are ladden with steroids and I believe young developing fetuses brain cells are affected.
Later the damage continues during breast feeding and eventually the child eats the food directly.
Soon our schools will be over runned by aggressive children.
We are what we eat. Poison in poison out.

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The price of fuel will continue its inexorable rise. The 3000 sq ft McMansions so popular a few years ago will gradually lose out in favor of smaller more efficient homes once owners are faced with $1000 per month utility bills In 20 years we will look at them as dinosaurs from a past age. They might eventually be subdivided as inexpensive housing for residents from Mexico, the 51st state of the union, joined 2025 after the Great Cartel War of 2021–2023.

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@Pandora @Simone_De_Beauvoir

I’m gonna agree with you both on that topic of messed up food, my body is still recuperating from 4 years of serious Niacin poisoning, doing much better now with my new but more plain diet but the insomnia I developed from the Niacin is probably permanent.

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I would use discriminant function analysis to identify what predictors contribute to the variance in the variable of interest.

Trend Analysis is an option but I am less familiar with its use.

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@Dr_Lawrence So choose a variable of interest, analyze it, and tell us the results.

Or…. just shoot your mouth off like the rest of us.

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