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Do cops make you nervous?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) September 14th, 2010

They do me even if I am not doing anything wrong. Weird, uh?

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Only when I’m doing something wrong =/ like if I’m speeding, and I pass by a highway patrol then maybe. Other than that, no.

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I’m (usually ;) a very law abiding person, but they still give me the willies! In the car, cruising real slow in front of the house, standing around… I think it’s just that they have a very intimadating air to them that freaks me out…. Some big dudes do that to me too….

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They have deadly weapons. Of course they make me nervous. Like anyone carrying deadly weapons.

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Not really. And even though I know quite a few (I use to work at the police department) I try to avoid them like the plague ;~)

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Yes, even when I know I’m not speeding or anything, if one passes me, I slow down. And I never look over at them.

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They don’t bother me unless I’m guilty.

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Yes, very very much so. Even when I’m not doing anything wrong.

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No, I just make sure I’m not stabbing someone or setting a house on fire when one passes by me.

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Yes, much of the time. It also really depends on how big the gun they have is.

Of course, I also feel like I’m going to get into trouble when I’m buying liquor. Which I’ve been legally able to do for, like, a decade.

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Only when I’m in my car, yes, because when I see them I am playing loud music or going faster than the speed limit. Not when I see them in a store, I’m not wanted and I don’t do anything wrong except for driving like a ‘madman’ according to some people, they don’t know what they’re talking about lol.

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I’d be more nervous around Jamaican cops, some of them carry M-16’s.

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Frankly, yes, and so I’m alwaysextremely careful around, and deferential to, the police.

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You must have a guilty conscience lol but they don’t make me nervouse

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Nope! Never.

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Yes, they make me nervous. I am, basically, a law-abiding person – but my last husband was a cop & I know from first-hand experience just how crooked he & his cronies could be. Far too many cops approach law enforcement from the premise that the laws apply to the public, NOT to the cops.

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Yes they make me nervous. Not because I’m doing anything wrong but simply because I was born hispanic and there is a growing bias against hispanics and belief that any of us are here illegally. I was born and raised here but that won’t stop anyone from checking me out to see if I’m legal.
Amazed we haven’t moved on to bar coding legal hispanics.
I’m sure that will be around the corner.

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No.An old boyfriend was a cop…I think I made him nervous XD

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Gadzooks, whenever they are around I get on edge. I have been stopped 6 or 7 times just because I was driving in the wrong naighborhood , the wrong time of night or in the wrong type of car, if there is ever such a thing. I got stopped a couple of times because I “looked” like somone else. One time because I was on the way to the home of people I knew in a ritzy neighborhood in the winter and I had my sports bag and gloves on I was in college at that time. I get stopped so much while driving and not even speeding I can’t remember them all.

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I worked with cops a lot when I work with the ambulance service. They don’t make me nervous. I am usually glad they are there to watch my back and keep the loved ones out of my way while I am working on a patient.

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Sorry that some of you are intimidated by the police. some officers carry an air of self-confidence that makes people nervous. to understand this, you would have to wear the uniform for 30 days. an officer is constantly on alert to protect the public as well as himself. there are some really bad people out there that do not like the police and this is the reason. officer safety. it is not the intent of the police to make the citizens afraid of them. its hard to explain all dangers an officer faces every minute of every day. making the good people afraid of the police is not an intentional act.

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They mostly make me angry.

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@john65pennington I would not be worried or nervious when they came around if they were not stopping me for no good reason most of my life. If I go visit friends in the “better neighborhoods” and especially if I am in my “beater” wheels I get stopped and asked where I am going, who I am seeing, or basically “what the heck are you doing here”? As a cop, and I suspect many other people you don’t know what it is like to feel that 3 out of 20 times a cop gets behind you even if you are not speeding and driving safe you run the risk of getting pulled over to be “checked out”, to make sure you are not on parole, have warrants, etc. Maybe it isn’t “profiling” but is sure feels like that to me. That is maybe my biggest thing, then after they stop you for nothing more than a “fishing exploration” they are all smug and arrogant to boot.

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