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Soft foods to eat after molars are removed?

Asked by oxenfree (181points) September 14th, 2010

i get my molars removed on friday and i was wondering what kinds of food would be soft enough to eat besides pudding, apple sauce, yogurt and mac and cheese? i’ve been thinking for the past month and havent come up with much…

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Deviled ham, tunafish, eggs, mashed potatos, pancakes, baked beans, crab cakes, pate’.

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Soup, especially cream soups or thin soups.


Spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli—pasta in general.

Most ground meats in “crumbled” state (like Sloppy Joes, for example) should be okay.

You can always shuck and eat raw oysters. In fact, I expect most sushi and most fish (maybe not swordfish or other tougher fishes) would be fine.

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Pudding, ice cream, soup.
Good luck.

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If your looking for something warm and hearty, you can buy baby food stew. I think stage 3 has soft small bites.
Be sure to rinse your mouth often after eating and don’t spit. Just let it fall out of your mouth.
best of luck.

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Butter, oil, chicken stock, yoke, ice, raw clams, pancake batter, water (is water food?), ketchup, mustard, and… Spit.

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Oatmeal and tuna salad…food of Olympic Champions!

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Apple sauce!

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Prepare your meals as usual, but run them through the Osterizer prior to eating them.

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i don’t really eat fish that much and sorry but i’m not blending my food, eww lol
i can do the oatmeal and soup i never thought of, so thank you all (:

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