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How much time do you spend sitting in front of a computer (surfing the web/checking out websites and participating in forums)? Do think that it's too much?

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 14th, 2010

Do you feel unhealthy because you’re sitting there when you should be doing other things (being active, participating in other hobbies)?

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I’m finding Fluther is taking up a lot of time, I’m hoping I’ll start backing it down a bit, soon. You guys are way too much fun!
Edit to add: I don’t know how much time, but now that the weather has cooled off I’ll be outside more.

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Probably 2–4 hours a day and yes, it’s too much time.

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I’m on and off the computer all day. I spend time on it doing many different things, however. I chat with friends who live at great distances. I blog. I write on Fluther. I answer email. I do many thiings.

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I’d say between five and eight hours a day and it is too much.

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I thought it was time well spent but ever since @jjmah left I am not so sure anymore….

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I don’t know how much but it’s too much, especially when you factor in my time in the office.

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@wundayatta You do know she’s here, don’t you?

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It’s too much and I hate it!


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I’ve been far less active this summer than I normally am throughout the rest of the year. I need to take a seasonal break because my brain just fries otherwise. I don’t feel as though my time online this summer has been detrimental or a waste by any means. I have watched some great films, read interesting articles, gathered supplementary materials for academic papers I will be writing (pretty much) nonstop throughout fall quarter for various conventions, researching graduate schools, and have killed the occasional hour playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. The Internet has helped me participate in more of my hobbies than hinder them.

Not to mention joining Fluther. I think my mood really turned around after finding this website. I was not having a very good summer before I came here.

That said, I still look forward to school beginning again even if means less free time.

I’m not going to clock a time because it will likely be viewed as beyond excessive. I think how I spend that time online is more important than the number itself.

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@janbb I think * @Cruiser * knows what he’s saying, and who to… ;-)

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@janbb didn’t you mean @Cruiser ?

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“pay no attention the (wo)man behind the green curtain”

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@harple : This is the department of redundancy department… ;-)

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I don’t want to say. It is that bad.

And I hate it. Despise it. I’m hooked.

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I’m on the computer only when at work or super late at night with insomnia. I’d love to be doing just about anything else than goobing online.

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Way too much time.

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I’m at the computer way too much. If I’m not sleeping, eating, or at school, then I am at my computer.
I know it’s unhealthy, but I just have never found anything as entertaining as a computer.

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Yes I spend way too much time on the computer. I go through addictive behaviors quite often.

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Just read the question again, when at work I’m obviously not surfing forums etc. and so long as it’s not this much I should be good

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I have to be in front of the computer for work. Work accounts for maybe 20–25 hours per week, if that. I torrent a lot of tv shows and movies. We’ll add another 8 hours for that. Fluther comes into play at different spurts of any given day. I will add 10 hours for fluther. Another 10 hours spent chatting with people on AIM especially @timtrueman. I multi-task through most of this time. We’ll say I spend about 35 hours a week on the computer.

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i am on and off the fun stuff all day while i’m supposed to be working at work, and then at home, it may be a few hours per day. i go on, check the various websites, go do other stuff, come back later, repeat. i watch less tv now, but i also read less and i feel like my time on the computer is a waste. i guess it’s somewhat of a guilt feeling. i do communicate with people on the computer but before i started using the computer for communication, i did not have daily contact with people so i could survive without it, i guess.

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Looking at what I wrote above it may sound like I don’t like fluthering or other computer stuff but what I meant is that I’d much rather not be working so damn much to where in order to not go crazy with what I do that I sit in front of a computer for up to 14hrs a day. If not for fluther and facebook then I’d not know much of what my friends are up to as life goes by each day other than some quick texts and forwarded pics.

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I do Fluther and Facebook during my downtime. (Or during stats class. It’s the exact same class I took two years ago, free credit, too! ;])

I used to think I spent WAY too much time online gaming, and I did. I actually haven’t played games all summer, but got on last night because even though I lost the addiction, I missed being a part of it. (Which then makes my friends mad that I’m choosing to play a game instead of be with them….)

But I keep the online time to strictly when I’m bored, my friends are busy, there’s no activities going on, I don’t have homework, and right before bed (relaxation time.) =]

It’s always odd to think what my mom did, because she didn’t have a laptop ever. Changes in generations like that always interest me. Her dorm also had one phone per hall, attached to the wall at the very end of the hall. People would wait in line to call home, friends, and boyfriends. I find that fascinating, and I almost wish my life had less technology in it so I could experience that. Well, there’s pros and cons to everything. :)

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I’m on and off the computer all day. I spend a lot more time that I really like to online, but that’s because it’s the main way I get to talk to my husband right now. I have my laptop with me in just about each room I go in, just in case he my husband gets online. I also do a lot of other work while I’m on the computer. I’m currently tutoring my sister-in-law, so I spend quite a bit of time coming up with work and study guides for her. Once my husband is home, my computer time will cut back quite a bit.

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I don’t know, but it’s too much. I have cut down a bit lately though.

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I definitely think I spend too much time in front of a computer screen considering I do it all day for work and then get home and usually switch my computer on. I don’t have a TV so I watch any programmes I might want to see online as well.

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