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What crosses the line of "free speech" for you?

Asked by judochop (16104points) March 27th, 2008

Example: There is a planned parenthood down the street from my house. every Tuesday some people get together and protest. Most of the time I just hang my finger out of the window and them and sigh but this past Tuesday they had huge billboards of aborted fetus’ and one sign that said OBAMA-NATION. I think this is going to far. I had to stop the car and get out. I love the fact that we live somewhere where we can say what we want but I do not believe that you can have free speech without some sort of consequence.

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how about the N word?

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There will always be humans who believe differently from you. You will not find their message palatable, but as long as they are nonviolent they are entitled to free speech. Anything else would be discriminatory.

@bassist_king1: Language that is derogatory does not fall under the safety umbrella that is free speech.

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These are my views:

Keep in mind I am a gay liberal man.

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Yelling fire in a crowded theater is a common example of unprotected speech.

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I don’t think anything could cross the line. That’s the nature and exact point of free speech.

Technically this is a crime, but I think it would cross the line if anyone were to make threats or false threats.

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I prefer people do their flag burning publicly, and lawfully, rather then secretively.

Otherwise, how will we know who the flag burners are?

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when your free speech is denoucing my rights I think a line I’d being crossed. I mean, at least get the argument straight – some believe life or consciousness begins at conception, others do not. And there ought to be a permit for what kind of R-rated images one can parade down a street corner – I’m pretty sure you can’t walk down the street with a pornography bilboard, why a vulgar pic of an abortedfetus? Should planned parenthood have R-rated bilboard of botched back-alley abortions?

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I realize that people can stand on the corner or march in the street or have their cross burnings and flag burnings and gay pride marches or anti-gay marches. Nazi’s are allowed to have papers to hand out. The churches have things to hand out all the time too…. What I do not agree with is people standing on a busy street corner with graphic signs of abortions and bloody fetus’ laying next to nickels to show scale. Once an image like that is pushed on to me I think that it changes my views on free speech. I would not allow a hate march to happen on my street and I am not going to allow anti-planned parent hood signs waving in my neighborhood. When the police finally arrived they told me that I could say whatever I wanted to them as long as I did not threaten them in any way. I will let you all know how this goes down after next Tuesday when they come back.

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For me, people can say whatever the hell the want but should be ready faces the consequences if you piss someone off.

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You can’t talk about bombs and weapons on your plane ride.

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what is free speech is you cant say what you think? if you are a nazi supporter, go ahead, say that you support nazis. if you are a racist, go ahead and shout out the n word. if you believe that israel should be called palestine and that it should belong to muslims, go ahead and say it. shout loud and clear, but be cautious about how today’s normalities frown upon such things and that its your responsibility to know when it gets too far. its not the governments choice of when you get to stop believing in what you believe in.

i realize that im a little too culturally relevant for other people to take, but that is mainly because i support equal rights for every group of people.

say it and spray it, but you have to realise when theres no more apple juice in your mouth and your just spitting air.

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also, why cant people take back what they say. if i was having an argument about whats better pancakes or waffles and im voting for waffles, and then a week later i say i like pancakes more, why do people get so uptight about me changing sides. its not like we’re so stubborn we have to do the first thing we say. also, i dont understand why everyone is getting upset over hillary’s comment that she took back. i guess her opinions changed. p.s. i dont know what she said, i know that she said it.

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You have free speech too. Hang a sign out your window that says “I don’t believe what you do.”

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I am absolutely for freedom of speech, even from those who disagree with my point of view. However, it crosses the line when a person uses their “freedom” to intimidate, scare or verbally hurt someone. Peacefully sitting outside an abortion clinic stating your views (even quietly handing out informational brochures) is all well and good if that is your point of view. However, screaming in some poor woman’s face as she tries to enter the clinic officially crosses the line and should not be considered someone’s right to free speech. And, when on is on a public thoroughfare, any graphic or potentially disturbing images (such as a fetus) should be curbed. If these picketers are so concerned with children, then why aren’t they concerned that children might get nightmares from seeing this image shoved so publicy in their face?

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I will be proactive and civil about it. You are right.

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for me, there is no line. free speech is a human right, a human freedom, and as such cannot be abridged by anyone for any reason. take my liberty if you must, but my freedom? never.

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I wonder why so much energy is expended on opposing family planning. If people only knew. On the few occasions I needed the Family Planning Association clinic, the thing that impressed me the most was the long rows of clients waiting to see the doctor, the nurse, the counselor: most were women, almost all were in their thirties. No den of iniquity, this. I was there to be counseled on birth control (I had just had a Cesarean). As I listened to the options, it occurred to me that all involved a degree of thought. Some were downright messy. And as the lady proceeded to describe, with a demonstration, how to use a condom, I said to myself, “I’ll never get my husband to agree to this: never.” Meaning, I had absolutely no intention of even trying. Family planning, like the pro life support, is a doomed effort to change human behaviour. You know what brought down birthrates in Latin America? it was the local soaps featuring working women with small families – there is a study done by the IADB.

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‘Your momma’ or as we say it in the north west of England ‘ya-ma’
A typical north west England phrase – I’ve shagged ya-ma!
(note: shagged in England does not mean line dance!)

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Ps. planned parenthood is a pre Nazi organisation that used to focibly sterilise without concent and was only changed from eugenics to planned parenthood because Hitla gave it a bad name (6 million jews dead, bad name!). Ignorance to the reason behind a protest is no excuse to verbaly abuse or attack. The people the protesters are protesting about now full well why they are protesting, and I’l tell you this aswell they’re scared! because there is a growing awareness permiating the conciousness of not just the American public, but the world as a whole. Look up ‘the hundredth monkey effect’.
Maybe you should go out and talk to these people in a civil manor and find out what their real grievance is.

Incidentaly, Charles Darwin was a eugenicist as was Hitla
Birth control should not be forced or prescribed by the state, it should be encouraged by the wisdom of the real parents.

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I believe in absolute free speech. But if I understood correctly, you’re not bothered by the message but by its carrier.

Free speech and acceptance.

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I guess my cut off is if you keep after me when I walk away from you in disgust. At this point you cross the line
There are things that piss me off such as seeing a t-shirt that says “F@%k You” while I am walking down the street but I think that it should be allowed (Did you ever notice that the type of person who would wear something like this is the same type that will go on at great length about how others “Disrespect” them).
I just wish they could teach common sense and consideration in school.

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