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How many books do you read a year?

Asked by Besafe (441points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I wonder how many hardback or paperback books folks read in a year. Text books and books you read for your work don’t count.

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honestly, as many as I can. I probably average a book a week.

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about 1 every fortnight

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Reading is a favorite passtime of mine. I read at least 2–3 a month. When I really get into a book I can sit for hours on end without stopping. I love fiction and nonfiction equally, but stories based on the past are my favorite.

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I used to read a lot, but now I don’t have time anymore. So now I average maybe
2–3 books a year.

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no time anymore! Theres so many books I want to read. Just a couple a month. That’s not enough!

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One of the gifts of being retired is the freedom to read whatever, wherever and whenever.

2/3 per week.

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@ gailcalled
I can’t wait for that to happen. One day. And if so, what book would you recommend,?

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Wow—the folks I know are definately reading impared, they are not likely to read more than 1–2 a year.

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I’m more of a coloring book kinda guy.

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@besafe; you *definitely gotta get out more.

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@gailgal. Get out? Gee out where?

Once our house sells I will retire and we will buy an RV and travel. That will ready be getting out – grin.

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I’d be curious about your real estate market. Where do you live? Travel and an RV sound like fun…no lawn mowing, no snow plowing, no new roofs, leaky basements, deer eating shrubbery…

I have always been a voracious reader…small print on cereal boxes and dictionaries under the covers with a flashlight….

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market is depressed and depressing. We have dropped price by 40K and still not getting good responses.

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i read around 2–3 books/month. but i find its better to take your time with good reads, and not just run through it in a week. now i got a lot of recommendations, and dont know what to read next. also, @gailcalled, you remind me of the character in C.R.A.Z.Y. who reads everything around him.

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@Mtl: remember that I grew up in an era without internet and the toys. We listened to the radio, played games,listened to records on a phonograph, used typewriters, sang around a piano…simpler times. Learning to read, for me, was opening a path into knowledge and excitement. We didn’t get our first TV, a monster box w. a tiny screen (black and white) until I was in high school.

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its not supposed to be a bad thing; it just reminds me of a character in a movie. i also read cereal boxes and instruction manuals for devices i know how to use, and have used a gazzillion times before, just because i feel that the words are there to be read, so why not read them. also, i think the movie is set in an older generation aswell.

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I have read 14 this year, and 2 short stories. That was in Jan. And Feb. I didn’t get to read at all this month. The books average 600 to 700 pages. I am a bit crazy when it comes to books. When I read a good book it is like watching a movie. I see what is happening in images, not words. Does everyone do this!

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I’m so busy being self employed I read about 20 a year, but some of those are not cover to cover because they’re text books or something like that, so I’m only reading the parts I’m interested in, so maybe a fairer average is 15. It’s hard to keep track. When I was in high school I was averaging one book a day. I skipped class to read because I didn’t feel I was getting enough from my classes. I read on my awful school bus because it took my mind of the crowding, the smells, and fighting (my bus was full of wild animals) I read in class, anything to take my mind off my surroundings. I kept that average up for about two years, didn’t read much in the summer because I couldn’t get any books then. At the time I was boycotting TV also, so that helped me get more reading in. Even after I dropped out of high school I was reading as many as I could find. By that time I was kinda stranded in the Virgin Islands where the only place my dad woudl get me books was this tiny used book store. I read whatever I could get. When I ran out of what I liked, I’d read a few of my mom’s romance books. In college I read parts of the library I was interested in by section. I wish I’d just studied on my own, my tuition money was a waste, I learned far more by reading (and watching videos). MI Zac, when I read a book I see it in pictures also! What kinds of books is everyone reading? Why do you all read?

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Why don’t you finish the other third? I mean you are 2/3 there, why not just make that little extra effort and finish ‘er up?

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About 150/year, which is the same as Gail, 3/week. Or more. I’m retired, but when I
was working I read almost as much. It’s my vacation time, my perspective builder,
my “I’m busy right now” excuse, and my joy.

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I actually keep a word doc of “Books I’ve Read.” I write the title, author, date finished, a short description of what I liked about it, and my rating on a scale of 1–10.

Keeping that list up-to-date helps me not have the books I read go in one ear and out the other, if you know what I mean. (I read mostly non-fiction.) A quick scan of that file tells me I’ve been reading 1–2 books/month lately.

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@Cornman; sorry, I meant 2–3 books per week on average. I keep partially-read tomes all over the house. One by bed, one in each bathroom, one in office, one in rocker in living room.

@Trusting: I sometimes find myself rereading, but I usually find much that is new and interesting. Have you tried THE DISCOVERY OF FRANCE; Graham Robb?

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@ trusting: what were two of your most recent non- fiction faves? I just finished “Banker to the Poor” and “1421: the year China discovered America”, both of which were incredibly educational as well as fantastic reads…

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Help—I am beginimg to think I am abnormal. Other work I don’t read much. Where do you find the time, my day is already too busy.

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I average 1 a week… nocountry2
@Besafe…An hour in bed before lights out gets you a few chapters…a “throne” sesion gets you a couple more (chapters)...Lunch time at work two maybe three more…
wal la…book finished…..

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all the times you named are used for work related study. Or bible related reading.

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@nocountry, i love that you asked for my recent favorite books! I looked through my list, and I have a few of my recent favorites to share: “A Thousand Names for Joy” by Byron Katie, “Happy for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff, “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Riso and Russ Hudson, and “Relax into Wealth” by Alan Cohen. Favorite recent semi-fiction was “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Also, there was a recent question about recommending books that had some great ones in it. Here’s that question.

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I keep a list of all the books I read, so I can come back later and remember… “what was that great book I really liked last December”... that list just came in handy! Apparently, I read an average of 5 books a month. Ones I really liked recently included “Song of the Dodo” by David Quammen, “the Pickup” by Nadine Gordimer and “the American Elf” diaries by James Kochalka.

I always read before bed.

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I read 3 books at a time also, finishing about one a week. I wish I had kept a data base of finished books. I go to the used bookstore, make a selection and that that night open it up and about 3 pages into it I’m thinking, hmmm. About 2 pages later it comes back to me, been there, done that, dang it!

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hmm… 2 maybe

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If my Amazon account is any guide, then several hundred. I generally have two to three going at any one time. They range from nonfiction, to serious literature, to drug store potboilers.

The good news for me (and my bank account and groaning book shelves) is that a branch of the public library is scheduled to open up three blocks from our house sometime this month.

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About 4 per year, but there are others that I never finish.

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I don’t keep count but a day in which I have not spent some time reading, is a very unusual day.

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