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If a Flutherite is inactive for a period of time (no questions, no answers, no comments etc.) are they eventually purged from the collective?

Asked by josie (29093points) September 14th, 2010

I suppose it is likely that any of us might pass from this earth before we have a chance to cancel our membership in the collective. Is there a point at which the moderators, or the clean up crew or whatever comes along and just flips a switch and the person is….gone? Has it ever happened?
If I feel my time is coming, should I withdraw, or just let it ride until somebody figures out that I am not coming back?
Do not misunderstand-I am not that old, and I have survived a lot more shit than a day in suburbia, or a tough thread or train wreck on Fluther.
I do not intend on leaving soon. So I am not talking about me (some of you might be disappointed at that).
But what does happen to Fluther “account” that goes dark for a long period of time?

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Nope. In my year of moderation I never removed anyone who had been participating in the past for inactivity.

From what I understand we do not remove members who had been active nor do we ever remove their input. It will stand here as long as Fluther is. :)

I have some friends on here who have been inactive for a long time. There is a chance that one or two may not be returning again. To me it is a bit of a tribute to their wisdom when I run across old threads that they contributed to. Not exactly words carved in granite but the words and wisdom remain for others to see.

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love you dog, love you josie x

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No, I have come and gone over the years, and my absence has been of no consequence.

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