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Where can I get a quality cello?

Asked by coconuts (9points) September 14th, 2010

I’m 12 years old and I am looking for a quality cello that doesn’t that cost me much more than $450-ish… Any ideas?

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Where you can purchase a cello of good quality for you budget really depends on where you live, I feel. I know where I live I had many of places that I could’ve purchased my cello from. For example, I got my cello from a violin shop called Brobst.

So I recommend doing research on the instrument shops in your area and checking their prices and reviews. Shops usually let you play the instrument you’re interested in before purchasing or renting.

I really recommend that you just don’t go ahead a buy the first cello you see that’s in the price range. Most shops have payment plans. I knew I couldn’t afford my $2,000 cello straight up, but the store let me have a payment plan, where I would pay maybe $200 a month until it is payed off.

So, really you just need to search your area, and also maybe search ebay or craigslist. I recently bought a new cello case that would’ve been $300, but the lady selling it sold it to me for $75 and it’s in mint condition.

I really hope this helps!! The cello is a beautiful instrument and can take you many places in life. I know it has for me. :D

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Ebay might be up your alley, just be smart about it. High resolution pics to check for intricate flaws, reputable seller, what percent feedback feedback (usually 95%+ just to be sure) etc.

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If you get one off the internet be very careful. Lots of people end up buying an instrument off the web, then realize it’s unplayable then have to take it to a shop and spend more money to get it set up correctly. It’s a lot different than buying an electric guitar.

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