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What's the favorite response you've given on Fluther?

Asked by iamthemob (17154points) September 14th, 2010

Feel free to post several, and feel free to categorize (e.g., serious, funny, long, short, etc.). They can be responses you got no lurve, or lots of lurve, or not enough lurve for how awesome they were (I bet that will be a lot of them!).

Mine, in the lighthearted category, is this one. Anyone else?

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There are so many of them. This is today’s. I enjoy raising the level of dudgeon, and it seems to have put a damper on things for several hours, at least.

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@wundayatta that was definitely from the “seriously thorough” category. And also, in my opinion, the “thoroughly awesome” one.

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This question was one of the most fun for me. I love chemistry and math, so it was fun to get into it and help the OP.

This answer and this answer are two of my favorites because I had to work a little bit to get that information and it was good to get a solid answer to that question (after all the back and forth and going in circles).

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Proabably “”: this one from the worst oscar win question. I’m usually not this funny.

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Did you mean to do this, @shpadoinkle_sue? :-)

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Oh, yeah. Sorry. I had three different things going on at once and I guess I missed it. You’re never gonna let me get away with anything are, you? ;)

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Mine is this one since it had a tangible benefit. There are many others, but that would be my #1 favorite.

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@shilolo I never saw that question before. Good job! I’m glad everything worked out. Moments like that definitely make a difference.

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I’ve made so many cannot decide! somethings are just impossible!

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Lucille is one of the funnier people I have met and this entire thread sort of captures the best of why I like coming here. XD

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@Cruiser -Thank you! I enjoy kicking your a$$! XD

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(that was hot)

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@lucillelucillelucille You must have just woke up as you are still dreaming there. Even with my blown hamstring I could still KYA on the golf course using a left handed spoon for a driver. ;)

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(these are my new favorite responses on Fluther – what’s @lucillelucillelucille gonna say next!)

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@Cruiser I could hit a bowling ball farther than you using a wet noodle ;)

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Anything with the word BITCH in it.

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@lucillelucillelucille Golf is not about distance there slugger it’s all about accuracy especially on the green. Have fun trying to hit your Brunswick out of the woods! Even in a stiff head wind using ping pong balls I will still KYA .

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@Cruiser—Golf is about putting it in the cup…now here is a grenade launcher to help you reach the green.Meanwhile,I will run the Boston marathon while I wait for you to get there.See you in a bit! Ta-ta for now! ;)

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I’ve no idea, erm…....probably one which made me smile. More importantly, made others smile too :¬)

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This exchange may be my new favorite.

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It’s the most honest responses that seem to get the most attention, sometimes.

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Anywhere where I had the meaningful opportunity to post something irrelevant, like this link. I lost the game.

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This still has me laughing.

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@breedmitch – clever – and CLASSICALLY clever, to boot!

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@Fred931 – Aw, fudge you! I totally got Rick Roll’d.

I admit this to spare the rest of you the shame

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Probably this one only because I rarely express a sense of humor that others get. More importantly, pangs of guilt ensued. I sent a PM to Ben with an apology and the offer to buy him a fishnet tank top with a link to one included. He responded with and acceptance and his size. We are now Fluther friends.

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@delirium I bet that was the same day I added you to my fluther.

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Those are wonderful examples above, but I must say the @lucillelucillelucille and @Cruiser exchange on @Arp ‘s music question, and on many other questions, is sheer delight. My favorite response on fluther was a simple yes/no response, not written by me, but rather by @sccrowell here in response to my very first question posed here on fluther. Now, if both @lucillelucillelucille and @Cruiser were to honor me by similarly responding to that same question in the affirmative, I just might feel a reassessment of my favorite was in order.
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Did you join Fluther just to do that?

I think you win. I mean, I wasn’t thinking of this as a contest…but if it were, you would totally win.

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@iamthemob…..Actually, I’d been a member 14 months and had just returned from a seven month hiatus. We were married the following month and celebrated our first anniversary on June 19th. As for winning, I did win the bride, and that made me very happy.
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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