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How to apply for law school in california?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) September 14th, 2010

I started about year and a half ago, at the art institute of san diego, suddenly I am starting to realize that the major I have been doing, I am no longer interested in. In the past 2 months I have been researching and trying to find out what it is that I do want. And realized that I want to go to law school. I have had a couple of problems because I have researched what law schools there are in san diego, but I am having difficulty choosing which of the 3 is best. I’ve gone on their website’s and so on, but none clearly state, what the actual majors are, what you need in order to apply, What you need to be considered, What are the possible outcome jobs for each type of law majors. and so on. If any one could clear this up for me, it would be very help full to me. The three schools that I have been looking into are: 1: University of San Diego law school division, 2: California Western School of law and 3: Thomas jeferson school of law. If you have any information on such collages or know of a better law school situated in san diego please let me know. Or any information generally in what to do and know when wanting to apply for law school.

Thank you in advance to whom ever responds.

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Talk to the placement offices about the outcomes you want and what to expect as far as specialties, etc. But that doesn’t answer “how to apply”, it might help to guide you into “why this one over that one”, which seems to be the thrust of your Q.

And if your application fails to pass muster, then claim alignment with some kind of “disadvantaged minority” (left-brained former art students with freckles, for example) and sue. That should get you in.

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As a left-brained former art student with freckles (actually, all true), I can say that didn’t help me get into law school at all in the end. ;-)


I assume you’ve started your LSAC profile. If not, do so. Applying to law school anywhere is pretty much autopilot from there.

Just know a few things:

(1) Law school grading is pretty arbitrary, so know that you can do your best, and end up with a C anyway.
(2) If you are set on being a lawyer, know that if you want to pay off debt, you’re going to need to be at a top school or at the top of your class after the first year for that to be a good guarantee (high paying law jobs are reserved in most cases for law review kids, which are pretty much those who do well after one year).
(3) There is no major that will prepare you for law school. Philosophy, though, is actually a pretty good match. To be honest, working for a while is a better preparation than any specific major.
(4) There is no such thing as a law major. You can focus on particular things, but you will not graduate with a specialized degree unless you seek an advanced law degree (an LLM or PhD).

If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.

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Just talk to the admissions office at the law school. Those people are usually very helpful. You’ll need to prepare for and get scheduled for the LSAT. There is no major in law school. Everyone graduates with a J.D. Have lots of money—it’s a very expensive education path—be sure it’s what you want—it’s not for everyone!!!!

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