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When was the last time you shot yourself in the foot, figuratively?

Asked by Pandora (27864points) September 14th, 2010

I once was driving with my husband on a saturday morning when we drove past a woman and a man who were in the process of getting their car towed because it broke down. You could totally tell she was humiliated. He spouse was dressed and it look like she was maybe on her way to drop him off to work when the car broke down.
Anyhow, I could see her trying to cover her chest by crossing her arms and her hand over the side of her face.
He hair was uncombed, and she had on high water sweat pants with holes in it. On top of that she had on a guys tee shirt and you can tell she had no bra on and was wearing thin flip flops on a hot tar road. She looked like she just got up and figured she could drop him off at work and return home before anyone could get a good look at her.
I remember pointing her out to my husband and explaining to him that is why I refuse not to groom myself before just dropping him off somewhere. You never know when you may be forced out in public because your car broke down.
So when was the last time you learned that being hasty can turn around and bite you in the rear?

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I was moving furniture and boxes from one house to the other when I noticed my bf had left something behind so I took it to his work. I was all grubby and smelly already and he comes out with a precious smile and says he wants a coworker buddy to meet me. I did the same as the woman in your story, I crossed an arm over my chest as I leaned out of the car window to shake hands and say good morning. erg.

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LOL, don’t your love it when people who love you feel anytime is the right time to introduce you to other people.
Yeah, my husband use to invite people to meet me even when I was sick with a cold and had a runny nose and my eyes were blood shot from a night of no sleeping.

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@Pandora: I know he meant well and knew his co worker would be gracious but I felt a teensy bit judged like the man was silently asking, was it too much to put on a bra, comb down those funny hair sprigs on top of your head and wipe the smear of mascara and sweat from under your left eye… omg, is that a monobrow?

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LMAO, oh, that is bad. :D
Thanks for the laugh.

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I haven’t shot myself in the foot lately…. I do have a tendency to stick my foot in my mouth, though.

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I don’t let my poorly put together look ever get in my way. I’m a busy, single mother and the best thing I can put on in the morning is a positive attitude and a smile. Vanity is an luxury I can no longer afford.

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That poor woman – must be paralyzing to care so much about how one comes off in front of others.

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My apology for another car story. A year ago, I headed home on a lunch break, and while going back to work, got a flat tire on the interstate. I know how to change a tire, but the one in the trunk/boot hadn’t been replaced yet from the last flat, and the cell phone was on my desk at work.

Stuck in the broiling southern heat, in a suit and heels, and too far to safely walk to the nearest exit, I just waited for kind person to stop. And he did. He allowed me to use his cell phone to call for assistance and waited until they arrived and towed the car.

I was so angry at myself for taking up this kind man’s lunch hour to be chivalrous to someone who was ridiculously irresponsible. I sent him a thank-you note with a promise to do a better job at planning ahead.

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