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What do you think about the accuracy of this color personality test?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) September 15th, 2010

I love taking personality tests, and this one was new to me – decently accurate, and I was wondering what other people thought about it.

Do you think that it describes you?

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Nooo, it was the wrong test! This is the one that I meant, I’m sorry guys.

Just put in a fake email – I put in some random one @mailinator,.com like and it just does it for you.

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The first test (the “wrong” one) there were 10 statements of which three were accurate for me.

The second one, absolutely nothing was right.

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Okay, maybe its just you… I thought the second was better. Oh well!

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I took both of them and for each one, I’d say only about a fourth of them were actually accurate.

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The first test gave me some really contradictory answers.

“You are extremely emotionally guarded or you want everyone to know how you feel”.

Uh, duh?

I’m taking the second one now.

The second one was all “blah blah, anxiety, stress, blah blah, disappointment, blah”. Who isn’t under stress?

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I took both tests too. I thought the 1st was more accurate, actually. But by the time I got to the second, I was thinking Cukadoodledo! :) I agree with @ Seek & think I got the same answers!! Don’t think I’m a believer.

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