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Have you ever met a childhood hero of yours & were you let down or elated by the encounter?

Asked by ucme (46640points) September 15th, 2010

Maybe not a hero as it were, just someone you admired from afar. Someone who upon meeting them was perhaps not what you expected. Maybe they were rude or arrogant. Or were they as nice as pie?

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Nope. When i was younger, Arnold was my most favouritist actor. ;) I would have liked to meet him.

Anyway, that’s as close as i’ve come to meeting a hero (not that i’ve ever had a hero).

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Yes, a famous sports athlete who checked into our hotel and refused to sign the registration card. Later, he stood outside of his suite in his underwear shouting into the atrium for someone to bring him some fresh towels. It was a very sad thing to witness having been such a fan.

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Elated. Shook Sir Edmund Hilary’s hand after a talk he gave. I got him to sign a couple copies of his autobiography for me. Wonderful, humble, generous…still a giant of a man in his 70’s. His hands were HUGE and very meaty… I’ll never forget it.

and Meh…. I met Dennis Conner at a restaurant in New Zealand. He had had MORE than enough to drink and didn’t look very well. Perhaps the sun had gotten to him that day out on the boat, but I wasn’t impressed.

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I met Michael Palin, whom I’ve adored since I was 6. He was awesomely sweet, per his rep. :D

I met Desmond Tutu, who also was a very kind person.

Other than that, I’ve met lots of famous people, but no others who I’d call a hero or someone I really, really admired.

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@aprilsimnel I’m so glad Michael Palin is a sweetheart. He’s always been one of my favourite Pythons <3

I haven’t met any of my childhood heros, but I’m always saddened when I read some tidbit about them that says they are/were a douchey, alcoholic, racist, sexist, homophobic twat (any singular poison or combination of the lot.) It’s happened more than once and I can never think of them the same.

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I’ve met a number of actors over the years, but the one who impressed me the most was Pat O’Brien, whom I hosted for several days in Dallas in the ‘70s when he was appearing in a dinner theater show. A lovely man who would turn on his familiar Irish lilt whenever a fan asked for an autograph but otherwise spoke with no accent.

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I met Ronnie O’Sullivan, when he was out looking for a mobile phone… he was pre-occupied but paused just long enough for a photo with me… but that was all of 20 seconds! It was disappointing, but then, that’s the kind of guy (and the kind of life) he is/has…

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Sorry, this requires story form:

About 2 years after my wife and I married, she joined a womans softball league with the wife of a friend of mine.
I have my step-daughter and my infant daughter with me while sitting in the stands rooting her on. This guy comes up and sits about 3 feet from me, and watches the women play. My wife comes to bat (keeping in mind my wife is deaf, and can’t hear us) and my step-daughter and I start cheering for her. The guy next to me starts cheering for her, and calling her name, too. This annoys me a little. While watching the game, this guy is chewing sun-flower seeds, and the shells he spits out are starting to fly onto my stuff, and a bit on my shoes. I am beginning to think I am gonna have to clock this guy. He keeps cheering for my wife, and my step-daughter looks at him, and asks me who he is. I hush her, and we keep watching the game.
As soon as the game is over, I grab my stuff, and walk down the bleachers and talk to my friend. He is laughing, and says “That’s the second time I’ve seen Vida Blue here!”
Shocked, I say “Where?”
He says “Sitting next to you!”
During the 70’s, I used to hang out at the coliseum getting autographs of the A’s players. The only two I never got was Vida and Reggie Jackson.
Vida was my hero. My friend used to rave about Catfish Hunter, but Vida was MY GUY.
Back at my wife’s game, I then walked to him, shook his hand, and told him how big a fan I was.
I was so glad I didn’t take a swing at him.

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@NaturallyMe That’s because you haven’t me ME yet! :)~

@filmfann GREAT story!!! Which made me think of this: I met someone who would have been my childhood hero in a round about way, had I even been alive during that time. I was at my now ex-boyfriend’s softball game and there was an ooooollllllddddd black guy there, just hanging out at the game by himself. I was kinda by myself too since my boyfriend was playing so the old guy and I struck up a conversation. Turned out that he played the farm league (is that correct?) in his younger days and had pitched against Satchel Paige many times…..

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I guess just when I was a pre-teen I wanted all my older teenage brother’s friends. But once they actually came to our house they didn’t pay any attention to the 12-year-old sister, let alone ask me on lots of dates. sigh.

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I saw Jimmy Krankie out shopping with Mr Krankie (Haha), was gutted it was actually a wee woman…I said hello anyway and they blanked me…..she was anything but fan-dabby-dozy!!

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@iammia I imagine they have sex with her in character. Not a pretty thought, funny but not pretty.

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@iammia I saw Jimmy Krankie out shopping with Mr Krankie (Haha), was gutted it was actually a wee woman…I said hello anyway and they blanked me…..she was anything but fan-dabby-dozy!! Could you translate that into English please. Thanks.

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@iammia Aww but she’s such a sexy bitch! You have to watch til the end, I know it’s hard but she really is all woman :¬D

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@ucme ahahaha Stroking her Puuuuuuussssssyyyyy….Fanks for that! :)

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@zen_ Oh Dear! Where do i start?

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@zen_ there are some things best left not explained!!!!

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Okey dokey. (Feeling old.)

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Oh @zen_ not my intention at all! Here you go…. remember you asked for this

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