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What's the range for how much marijuana should cost?

Asked by kneck (52points) March 13th, 2007
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Probably varies by location-- the tax alone varies largely. (In Kentucky, its taxed at $3.50/gram)
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Medical marijuana? Or are you purchasing more "casually"...?
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I legally buy marijuana here in San Francisco, prescribed by my physician. I go to the many dispensaries available to me here in the city. The prices vary but normally its about 50$ for 3.5 grams for the high-grade – indica and sativa (probably too strong for most), 20–40$ for 3.5g for mid-grades – indica and sativa. Gram bags (normally way over a gram) run about 15–20 dollars.

I normally get a half eighth (1.75g) of high-grade Indica and the same of high-grade Sativa.

Back in Chicago, when i was in highschool, wed pay 60$ for 3.5 grams of something that would run about 30–40 dollars here in the city today.

I wouldnt pay over 50$ an eighth (3.5 grams).

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