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What does loss of hearing and major pains in my ear mean?

Asked by aydienlush (4points) September 15th, 2010

friends tell me it might be swimmers ear so i got a solution to get rid of the water in my ear but it increased the pain 10 fold.

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It means you should go and see a doctor.

Swimmers ear is inflamation of the outer ear canal. If that’s what you have then whatever you put in your ear probably just irritated it more.

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Don’t mess around with this if your hearing is at stake. Friends’ advice does not outweigh diagnosis and treatment by a qualified physician.

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Hi, I’m an Audiologist. Your symptoms could be caused by numerous conditions. The only way to get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment is to have the ear examined by a licensed medical professional. I suggest starting with a general or family practitioner who will then refer you to a ear specialist if needed.

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Hi, @hearkat, I hoped you would show up! We’re so lucky to have a pro on board.

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It means that you likely have one or several spiders living on your ear canal. It/they grew angry when you poured your remedy in the ear and started attacking your ear drum as punishment. In other words, get to a doctor.

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