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Have you ever done this at work?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) September 15th, 2010

Stood up and shouted ‘I Am Spartacus!’ just to release the boredom?

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I saw someone do that once. We didn’t see him again.

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No, but I did hang an Edgar Allan Poe action figure outside my cube.

And ask mowens about the chicken hat.

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I did exactly that in a festival tent a few years ago.and I would do it again ;)

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No, but sometimes when I’m wearing my Roy Rogers duds I stand up yodel.

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No but on occasion I play my kazoo real loud as the workers come walking in! They crack up every time!

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We did costumes and props.

One day I hit the jackpot – found a giant purple Sombrero with silver sequins all over it. I must have worn that thing for a week. Got bonus points from the county commissioner when she came in looking for copies and there I was on the phones with a sombrero and a gigantic, feathered Mardi Gras mask. ^_^

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Myself I have not. However, i’ve been known to perform this regularly!! Oh the boys down on the farm they love it so. Bless their little hearts :¬) I sang it at the local orphanage once, didn’t go down so well :¬(

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Um – no (librarian here)

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@Jeruba ; Thanks for the link! Great chuckle…

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Not that; but when someone in the office needed a break, they would go and press the Billy Bass button on a co-worker’s plaque, and it was a signal for all of us to step out of our cubicle and do a Happy Dance for a few seconds.

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Well a little while back, during break I walked into the courtyard yelling ’‘Excalibur, HO!’’

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Well since my job is to clean the house. I have danced with a vacuum and did my Mrs.Doubtfire kind of interpretation.

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But i have played office chair bumper cars once.

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