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What's up with the Plastic Ono Band?

Asked by tinyfaery (41506points) September 15th, 2010

I know the back story. I know about Yoko Ono. I know that the members are ever revolving. What I want to know is how I am supposed to listen to it? I’ve heard a bit of the album with John and there is some crazy “music” on it. I want to be able to understand what I’m listening to even if I can’t really appreciate it.

I ask because the wife is a huge fan of Yoko Ono and Gaga and we are going to see them together at the Orpheum in L.A. in October and I want to be able to at least tolerate the experience.

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I suggest earplugs and copious amounts of alcohol.

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@tinyfaery I don’t think either of the performers you mentioned understand their own music. I would be worried if I was you and understood it.

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I saw Yoko years ago. There’s no understanding it- it seemed truly like self-indulgent noise to me.

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Yoko is/was part of the Fluxus art movement (as was Beck Hansen’s grandfather), which is probably shorthand for “self-indulgent crap”, but you know, sometimes the cacophony she played in the last 35–40 years is exactly what’s going on inside a lot of people. She expressed that.

I’m not a huge fan of a lot of her older work, but she did do a dance album in the last couple of years that’s relatively melodic. “The Plastic Ono Band” now is Yoko herself, her son Sean, Japanese dance artist Cornelius (who’s a lot like Beck), and Yuka Honda, who was in the Japanese 90s dance-girl pop band Cibo Matto.

She’ll probably do most of her set from that album. She’s not dumb enough to completely alienate people who would be a potential new audience to her (and John’s) old work. I’ll give it up to her, for a woman who’s loathed by the mainstream and damn near 80, she’s out there doing her thing and keeping up with the youngbloods. Good on her.

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@aprilsimnel She is playing with Kim Deal, Thurston Moore and Perry Farrell, along with Gaga that night.

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Oh! Whoops! I’d see that show! I love those other three!

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Yoko’s album isn’t music. It’s art. Not everyone gets it, and not everyone gets the difference.

Yoko is a classical pianist, btw.

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they melted?

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I take back every bad thing I said. I had a spectacular time. The band is so good. Plus, I saw so many awesome special guests. If anyone wants to know more pm me and/or look here.

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