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Is there an easy way to make a custom mold for gummy candy?

Asked by HungryGuy (16008points) September 15th, 2010

I don’t want to make bears and worms. I want to make something, er, uhm, unique. It will also be somewhat large as gummy gandy goes, about 5 cm long (or about 3 inches).

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Make the shape of your gummy out of a product called, Amazing Mold Putty. Once you have crafted what the shape of your gummy candy will be – to make a mold of it, you can press it into a block of a product called, Sculpey. Follow directions on how to harden the Sculpey mold. Once that is done – you can pour the gummy candy into that mold & voila! You have a custom made gummy candy.

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Just thought I would throw this out there, but I just checked the Sculpey website to see what it says about making things that will hold food, and this is it:

• Do not make items which will be used to hold or to serve food or beverages or for smoking materials.

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Not sure to what extent that warning goes. For if you Google, sculpey & food mold – you get many, many hits. Not to say that, just because it is found on the internet…it must be true/safe. I think with Sculpey, it is best to cover their asses & tell people not to put food in it. It is a baked clay. I have coffee mugs I have made out of baked clay. I haven’t died yet.

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Thanks, all! If I can’t make it out of Sculpey, is there another product that can be used?

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Knead-a-Mold is a food safe product that can withstand temperatures of a constant 300F or 600F intermittently. It is commonly used as a candy mold. Best of luck to you & your suspicious candy making plans. :)

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That’s great! Thanks!

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