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Your best TV show recommentation?

Asked by sleepdoc (4690points) September 15th, 2010

Ok let me have them. What do you think is the best TV show on right now and what is about it that you love? I am looking for someone to talk me into watching a show for the first time.

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Curb your enthusiasm. I honestly think it’s the best show since Seinfeld and everything else pales in comparison.

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Everyone on earth knows I’m gonna say Mad Men. So there. I said it.

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What kind of stuff do you like/ Makes it hard to recommend , there are a number I like, ranging from Big Bang Theory to Mythbusters.

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THE Best?

You know, I’m going to go with South Park. It points out the ridiculous, comments on it intelligently, and the people behind it don’t seem to compromise (the Isaac Hayes incident being a fine example).

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My Name is Earl

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I could name a lot of shows, but they are already in their 5th or higher season. So I am going to recommend to you a show that is already off the air & has to be the best show that there ever was. Arrested Development.

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@sleepdoc -Clarification – you are looking for shows that are CURRENTLY airing new episodes, right?

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South Park. Episodes are written, scripted, voiced, and illustrated in the week previous to it’s airing. They are timely, hysterical, and thoughtfully done. Amazing, considering the speed they deliver.

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For shows currently on air, the short list would be:
-How I Met Your Mother
-Modern Family
-It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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Bored To Death is great… unfortunately, I don’t have HBO, so I won’t be able to watch the new season.

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@johnpowell YES!!!

Dexter is one of the best series I have ever seen. The new series starts at the end of this month on Showtime but man if you can, go back and watch the old seasons and get caught up! It’s worth it!

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I don’t watch a tremendous amount of television. But, there are a few that intrigue me. Mad Men, which you could go online and be updated. Breaking Bad, again which you’d need to be updated.

There are others…but, those have my tv time for now.

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What’s with TLC having so many shows about people with tons of kids? How about 19 and counting? I watched an episode once. Geez

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Ugly Americans is another suggestion. Awesome comedy.

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Fringe is great if you are into paranormal / multiverses and the such. Great cast. But you have to watch it from the beggining othrwise you wont get it

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House MD,I’m irreversible in love with this show.House is the most complex and unconventional character I ever seen on TV,and the whole show just shows another way to think of your life

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I’m going to second Breaking Bad. It’s my favourite currently airing show. The writing and acting are brilliant. It hasn’t aired yet, but the pilot for Boardwalk Empire airs this Sunday. It’s pretty much the only new show I am dying to watch this season (Steve Buscemi…. Martin Scorsese… prohibition-era gangsters… what’s not to like?)

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The Office
Heroes (Season 1)

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I prefer anything from National Geographic,Discovery Channel,and History Channel. But I think the best and the most constructive TV show from all is The Oprah Show.

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I have been watching cooking shows like Top Chef and Chopped.

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Second votes for: House, Dexter.
They both feature very unique characters – but both require you watch it from the beginning to really get all the inside thoughts and jokes. Not watching them from the beginning will put you big time in the guessing dept – and you simply won’t understand the characters or enjoy them as much.
The first is about a radical doctor going through his issues while pursuing the purest distillation of truth possible.
The latter is about a serial killer killing serial killers – based on an amazing book series (which is also a ton of fun to read.)

Other shows or recent interest: Lie to Me – based on a real life psychologist and researcher, although with a part of fiction added to it (not to the techniques though).

An older show but a huge favorite: Life with Damian Lewis (same guy from Bands of Brothers). Only two seasons to catch up, cop who did time for multiple murders but then exonerated.

Comedies – I’m a big fan of Extras and The Office (UK) by RIcky Gervais – both of which are two seasons and not that many episodes. But hilarious nonetheless. Also, A bit of fry and Laurie – which is a blast from the past, but you can see the character from House in his previous achievements with Seven Fry – and Hugh Laurie (House).

The Philanthropist is another favorite, features stories made into fiction inspired by a real philanthropist.

HBO shows are usually amazing – a couple of absolute favorites: Six Feet Under and In Treatment – the first deals with loss, latter with therapy.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. -even though they stopped making new episodes, every episode still makes me laugh.
Rules of Engagement
Law and Order SVU
Criminal Minds

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I Shouldn’t Be Alive
Hoarders: Buried Alive
Animal Hoarders
OK: now that I’ve named the shows for nutcases like me, have you seen :
No Reservations

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@Aster I love No reservations. That man is sexy.
I also watch Hoarders.

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(I wish Party Down were still on so i could suggest it…)

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@iamthemob HELL YEA! Party Down was fantastic.

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@Frenchfry He IS sexy, isn’t he? I wonder what makes a skinny guy sexy? I need to post that question. No. I’d be embarrassed. You, FF, you post that question on Social, ok? Skinny with buck teeth and he reeks sex appeal.

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We’re behind here in SA, so i don’t know where you are with the “2 and a ½ Men” series, but i think that one’s really funny.

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I was looking for shows that are showing new episodes just to clarify.

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Here’s a second vote for Fringe. The new season begins tonight.

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Pawn Stars. Men and women love it.

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It depends on the TYPE of show you want? there are so many out there right now! But as for me I like river monsters and paranormal state or ghost hunters…since they are on different days I dont have to choose lol

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@lacielee… I don’t typically have to choose thanks to DVR either.

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Yes DVR is fabulous

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