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Can the President abandon their political party while in Office?

Asked by Master (1358points) September 15th, 2010

Could she decide to be Independent ideologically and politically from the party she originally ran under?

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Yes. Andrew Jackson did, or more properly his party abandoned him. He still won a second term.

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Of course. It may be a really bad move if he wants to have support for certain agenda items.

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She? did you have someone in mind?

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Yeah. Sarah Palin is gonna get elected and then she’ll become a Democrat and a lesbian and renounce her guns.~

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When that happens, I will be at the doctors trying to curb the monkeys flying out of my ass problem.

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@filmfann… I love you. LOL4rl.

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Don’t they always, eventually?

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@Seek_Kolinahr What am I? A potted plant? You didn’t think my comment was funny? Hmph! [Wundayatta stalks off in a snit, and is found later, drunk out of his mind, lying across the sidewalk] It’s funny how often the response to a quip gets the appreciation, and not the quip, itself.

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@wundayatta I didn’t think it was funny; I thought it was probably eerily prescient.

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@CyanoticWasp I think you been spending too much time on your sailboat. A bit of sunstroke, perhaps? Palin? A lesbian Democrat? I swear, if that happens, I’ll eat my shoes. The plastic ones!

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Sorry, @wundayatta… Anything that reminds me of Sarah Palin is an unwelcome thought, however, monkeys flying from a person’s bowels is friggin’ hilarious.

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@wundayatta remember, nothing is impossible, just highly improbable.

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@wundayatta okay, okay… not lesbian. How about transgendered? She’d want to get in a war with someone to show that her balls were bigger than anyone else’s. Better? But “Democrat”? You betcha. I have a feeling that for the next few administrations we’re going to keep seeing “record deficit” attached to each succeeding one… until China runs out of money.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Oh well. I tried. But still. Sarah Palin? As a lesbian? And a Democrat!

Still not going for it, eh? ;-)

@Master You’ll notice I didn’t offer to eat my car.

@CyanoticWasp I’m not a betting man, but I’d be willing to bet you twenty meals at the restaurant of your choice to one sail in Long Island Sound about this.

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William Howard Taft pretty much did that, not by abandoning the Republican Party (yes, the Republicans), but by abandoning its progressive principles. That led Teddy Roosevelt to run against him in 1912 after having hand-picked him to succeed him in office. The schism it created in the party led to Wilson’s victory. The progressives never returned to the Republicans afterward, which has a lot to do with why they got so conservative in the 20th Century.

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@wundayatta in order to collect on the bet, we’d both find out that we were assured losers: Sarah Palin as President.

So set the terms and I’ll take you up on the bet.

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Sarah Palin must be elected President in 2012
She must become a Democrat and come out publicly as a lesbian before the end of her term.

If that happens, I will be taking you out to dinner fairly often. Unless I’m in jail or dead due to the unrest that occurs as a result of the Second Coming or Ragnaroth or whatever it is that causes the world to turn upside down.

Elsewise, in the summer of 2017, you’re going to show me what the sailing is like in the Sound.

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@wundayatta, you didn’t go for the “big balls” transgender thing, huh?

Assuming she withdraws from consideration any time between now and November 2012, let’s do the sail anyway.

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Sounds good to me!

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