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Where can I get free good quality sheet music for free?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) September 15th, 2010

“It don’t have to change” by John Legend

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The majority of sheet music is copyrighted and will absolutely not be found for free of any quality. You must purchase the sheet music online or at a local music store. If you really need this sheet music, you shouldn’t mind putting a couple bucks down for a copy.

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Ethically I agree with @Vortico, but financially I admit to perusing the online sheet music lexicon. Try,, or just plain Google.

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What makes sheet music quality? I didn’t know there was such a thing as quality in the land of sheet music.

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I suggest the Mutopia Project: …the sheet music there is free, legally.

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Old classical music from the greats: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc so many more can be found at

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@papayalily “Quality” sheet music means how accurate the transcription is in comparison with the original, the skill level required to play it, and the overall legibility of the pages.

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@KTWBE But if its online wouldn’t the legibility depend on the printer you had at home?

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@papayalily Not necessarily. I’ve found sheet music files that are hardly playable because they’ve been copied several times, scanned, copied again, maybe even faxed, and only then uploaded to the site.

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