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What do you think is a good question to answer ratio on Fluther?

Asked by crazyivan (4471points) September 15th, 2010

I’m about 10 to 1, that is, I seem to answer about ten questions (or leave 10 responses anyway) for every question I ask. I figure if we were all 1 to 1 this place would be chocked full of unanswered questions, but I wonder where the average lies.

So how about you? Are you 5 to 1? 10 to 1? 25 to 1? A billion to 1?

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I’m 2949 (answers) to 7 (questions), which ends up being 421.285714 to 1.

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2669 to 35 for me
76 to 1

I am surprised I had 35 questions, I thought it was ten or twenty.

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893 questions
12607 answers
14 to 1 or thereabouts.

Hypocrisy_Central is 5 to 1. I suspect he might have the highest ratio. I’ll bet he’s certainly the highest of any jelly with more than 1000 lurve.

But, of course, this does not answer your question. What is a good ratio?

Any ratio that makes your experience at fluther feel good.

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74 to 1 for me. 51 questions to 3795 answers.

I ask questions when I need answers. My questions are rarely of a solely social nature.

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I’m at:

# Member since: July 8th, 2007
# Questions asked: 128
# Responses written: 9956

Ratio is 77.78125

This is why I think it is funny when people think more questions = higher score. Answers are key as they should be.

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Mine is about 20 answers for every question.

Often, I do wish others would ask more questions. There’s just only so many answers I can give for most questions.

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315 Qs
20246 As

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I hate ratios. They make my head hurt.

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# Member since: April 26th, 2010
# Questions asked: 121
# Responses written: 1796

I don’t understand math… so the rest is up to you. Sorry. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie It’s the number of answers divided by the number of questions. So in your case, 1 to 14.8

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In a little over two years, I’ve asked 93 questions and given 15,832 answers (I suppose this makes 15, 833). So, 170.23? Now, how do I convert that into a 1 to X formula?

@TheOnlyNeffie I see we both suck at math, too. This is getting highly suspicious.:p

Edit: Oh! To answer the original question, whatever ratio makes you feel like you’re giving as good as you get. :)

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28.5 to 1
Since I’m feeling ocd, 57 to 2.

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I wasn’t aware that there was one, a good ratio that is. I mean it is what it is, totally random number crunching. For the record i’ve asked 473 questions & wriitten 5057 responses. I believe this makes my ratio just over 10 to one.

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Oh brother.

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6624 answers to 67 questions is about as close to 100:1 you can get!

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@papayalily thank you!

@Auggie… get out of my head! lol

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64 to 1 (A/Q)

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