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Would you switch to this iPhone service?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) September 15th, 2010

Let’s say I could offer you an Unlimited Talk, Text and Data iPhone service for $60/month that ranges from 2G to 3G depending upon your location. Would you be willing to switch from your current provider to my service?

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For one, I’d have to buy an iPhone. Eff that. For two, I use a prepaid phone service that gives me everything I need for $30. If I need more than 1000 minutes a month (which I’ve never come CLOSE to using), $45 gives me completely unlimited use. I’m on Verizon towers, so AT&T can take their dead zones and shove ‘em.

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My answer is no.

The plan sounds great but in my opinion, there is nothing special about the iphone. The samsung galaxy s series phones are technologically superior devices.

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Good luck with that. Apple would never let that happen. I’d switch to get a cheaper plan, even though my rate is very good.

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What @Seek_Kolinahr said, exactly. Except for the part about the pre-paid plan. But I am on Verizon, and AT&T can shove their dead zones and their iPhones.

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People get way too worked up over electronic devices.

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Verizon has terrible dead zones around here. AT&T has almost none. I’d switch in a second, though. I use my phone for work, play, and everything else. I have friends with Duh-roids, friends with Galaxies. I would not use one of any of them for anything other than a door stop.

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@EVERYONE – Ok so let’s make this interesting and YES I am talking about an actual service that exists. This service does not come from AT&T or Verizon. It’s an upcoming Communications company like MetroPCS here in NY. And this service is a prepaid service. No Contracts. What would you say to that?

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I’d still have to buy the iPhone. For that money (minimum $499, sayeth Apple website), I can get a whole computer and still afford my $30 prepaid phone.

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I don’t want an iPhone, nor do I live in NYC.

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