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Do you believe that the Free Masons rule everything around you.

Asked by topserb96 (131points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

For example: entertainment, literature, government, media, sports, etc.

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The only simple answer for this is; No, no I do not feel that they run everything.

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Theres much bigger and more powerful secret societies than the Free Masons.

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well ur quick to answer. Did u even take into account how many ppl in US history are a part of the Free Masons? Also international history?

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PupnTac: I did take that into account but for the time being it doesn’t seem like that, maybe you have a different point of view?

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@Cool that ? was directed towards pupntaco.

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Lol I’m sorrry! I’m so stupid when it comes to conversation!

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@uber sorry can’t watch vid, I’m on iPhone.

Do any of those societies go back as far as the Masons(3000 years or more)?

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I can’t speak on this issue, except that I do wear a ruby-red ring on my right hand with a G on it, which was passed down from my grandfather.

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Good question. Does that mean the rest of us have no choice? That these few control the masses almost like a deity?

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thats possible since they are said to possibly have had influece on the bible.

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@topserb96 yes. And some are a way way more powerful having quite a few world leaders belonging to them, even george bush belongs to a secret society.

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ya the skulls, but they are derived from the free masons.

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Yea i know. The video link really explains a lot as it is a history channel documentary. It really is worth watching once you get to a computer.

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Well since it is possible that the free masons actually founded the united states of America, why is it so easy to rule out that they still rule it, just secretly?

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Here we go…Behold the Pale Horse anyone (know the reference)?

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@sndfreq – it looks like you are referring to the title of the book by William Milton Cooper about the NWO (not the wrestling group from WCW). or you’re talking about revelations 6:8.

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I don’t believe they do. I think it’s just the case with any “secret” organization with prominent members (Freemasons, Skull & Bone, Scientology) that somehow manages to keep it’s secrets—the fascination with them takes on a life of its own. I think our imaginations are more powerful than any of these groups. It’s probably a safe bet that by this point they’re all no more powerful/unique than any old, say, fraternity on any college campus.

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So Mote it Be…

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@ccatron-yep, that would be the book-the big conspiracy book guy; I’m not a wrestling fan!...

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You guys do realize that everything you’re saying is being tracked and monitored right now by the most secret of all the top secret undercover shadow organizations: the Free Carpenter’s Society (the original competitor to the Free Masons and much less known—and therefore much more secretive).

You have been warned…

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@gorillapaws…I wonder what “they’re” building-a big google prison? The Matrix? [Oooh…chills]-no I don’t realize this…where have you seen this (interesting concept)?

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I’ve already said too much… [wink]

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while it is easily probable that any secret society or many control many different aspects of our lives, it is also probable that they don’t.
After saying that, I think that something secretive, whether a society named or one that we have no knowledge of, can be a major power in things that happen in the world.

I have researched something very similar to this(not these specific societies) and many world leaders, even those who seem to hate eachother in the public eyes, are linked and have communications that are not known to many people who do not have the technological know-how to find things out.

Some things including perhaps gasoline and their alternatives may be strictly regulated between leaders

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