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Are you a blogger?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33173points) September 16th, 2010

I have two blogs. One is about living with bipolar disorder, and the other is about my passion for reading. On the former, I write whenever I feel like it, and on the latter, I write when I’m reading something really good.

Do you write a blog? What’s it about? What blog service do you use? How often do you write?

If you don’t blog, do you keep a journal of some kind?

Do you write?

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I have a writing blog (sadly neglected as of late). I basically write slice-of-life essays, about anything that strikes my fance. If anyone wants to share links to their blogs, you can add them to your profile page. That’s where you’ll find a link to mine. :)

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I keep journals and I have a blog (sort of). I’m a terrible blogger and never can manage to post consistently. I don’t know how you’d categorize it.. it’s all very random and just whatever I feel like sharing, if I feel like other people might like it, too. Right now, it’s mainly reblogs of stuff I identified with, recipes, and random thoughts.

My physical journals are a place to air thoughts I can’t voice to anyone. Both good and bad, but mostly bad. I’m kind of terrified that someone will read them after I die and think I’m horrible. :P (Lisa, you have to come here and quietly steal all my journals if something happens.)

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Juggle Chainsaws is where I chronicle my attempt to play every NES game released in the United States.

I just finished March of 1987 and will be starting up April on Monday.

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I maintain a blog for work, but personally, no.

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I completely forgot that I also write the Fluther newsletter and contribute to the Fluther blog. Sheesh, I really need more sleep.
@MissAnthrope Deal. :)

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I have several. The one I push most often is a collection of writing, Facebook game reviews, microwavable food reviews and what other nonsense I have on my mind at the time.

Another is a near defunct one about living with an alcoholic. And there’s another one that I’ve been half-halfheartedly starting about becoming a widower.

I use Wordpress, hosted by Wordpress. Although I have a blogging client for Windows and Linux that I use to post to them all.

I do write, but it’s been mainly for myself. Everyone tells me I should try publishing something but I haven’t ever gotten around to it.

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After encouragement from friends to write the story of how I met my now fiancé, I started a blog on Blogspot, and even got him to join in. We take turns writing about it from our own perspective and post photos as well. A few friends follow it, but we really just do it to chronicle the journey. In future years, should our minds grow blurry on the details, we will have a record.

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Random crap of interest to me:

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I am pretty new to blogging. My agent suggested it since it acts in some ways as a ‘portfolio’ for an emerging (fingers crossed) writer. I use blogspot and shamelessly plug my blog every chance I get.

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I don’t have a public blog. I have a private livejournal that I’ve had since 2005 and have written in ever since. It’s more or less like a diary than a blog, though. I have a tumblr, too.

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I want to be a blogger, but its difficult to commit to a schedule and allow myself to write. At the moment I am keeping two: a Tumblr that is a dump site for little things that amuse and a Wordpress blog that is somewhat more focused (I have mainly posted tropical analysis of fairy tales, but I want to include more creative pieces in the future.) It’s been a long while… I don’t even remember when I last posted an update. Maybe I’ll whip something together this afternoon.

I’m not posting links here, but if anyone is curious and wants to take a gander at my writings, feel free to send me a Private Message.

Off the Internet, I keep a moleskine. I write down everything. It is not at all organized. I used to keep separate journals (one for story ideas, one for minute thoughts) but it is easier to cram everything on the same pages. I am in need of a new journal :)

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I had an active blog for about a year or so, started in 2005. Had a little over 30K hits and lots of comments. I wrote when I was single, about the process I undertook trying to integrate my sexuality with every other aspect of my life. It was a brutally honest blog. As such, I changed the name and web address a few times to outsmart certain people from finding me.

I’m lazily putzing around with tumblr (address on my profile page). I wouldn’t even call that anything except a corkboard. Although, I did get the iPhone app for tumblr recently, so I might post random stuff more regularly than once every 3 months.

I miss full-time blogging, though. I love to write, and if I had 30K hits, I must not be too boring.

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@muppetish I’m sold on your blog because you say that you mostly use it to write “Tropical analysis of fairy tales” and I’m dying to find out what the hell that means…

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@crazyivan Haha, I didn’t realize that it looked like “tropical” as in “related to islands” – this is the sort of thing you don’t notice until after the edit button vanishes. I meant “trope-by-trope” – I examine the variety of tropes employed by the authors. There was one particularly long fairy tale (“The Two Brothers” by The Brothers Grimm) that had several parallels to tales from Arthurian Romance. I think these threads are interesting.

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Gotcha… lol… well the good news is that I’ve only made myself look stupid.

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I long ago began a parenting blog and it was over pretty quickly.

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I maintain a blog about my various Disney trips. I update it whenever I make a new plan or to post trip reports and updates. I’m 100% no one other than my friends and family ever look at it. But that’s okay, it’s mostly for my own amusement.

I use Wordpress, hosted on my own domain via DreamHost.

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I started several blogs, but didn’t generate any traffic, so I gave it up. Occasionally I might add something new.

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hey! i like to blog a lot… I also have two blogs… one is called it helps people get PR whether your looking to promote your small business or your own blog… one of my latest features are on mommy bloggers.
my other blog is called, its just basically the things in my head and my views…the last thing I wrote there was about the “AMOST” kind of relationships… like how two people always comes close but always misses their shot….so if you have time, drop by and say hi! :)

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