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Is there a way to give mass Lurve?

Asked by josie (28695points) September 16th, 2010

I am always behind when it comes to giving Lurve to people who take the trouble to answer my questions. There a couple of them that I have probably forgotten about and never got to at all. I am not that fussy about giving out Lurve. I figure if somebody bothers to answer, might as well show appreciation. One or two exceptions, but that is how I see it. Anyway, is there a way to go to a question, hit a single key stroke, and everybody gets a point? Or is it by necessity that I must go answer by answer. Any hints on how to stay organized in this area? BTW, if you have answered one of my questions, and have been halfway decent about it, and I have not gotten to you, please be patient. I have never been good at paper work.

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Answer by answer.

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Nope. One click at a time is the only way. Sorry!

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A Fluther Orgy perhaps?

One at a time only as far as i know….:)

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It violates the idea of lurve to be able to give mass lurve.

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Wouldn’t that be considered promiscuous?

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@marinelife What idea am I violating?

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@josie That lurve is a considered reward for a good answer.

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But isn’t it my discretion to decide if an answer is good or not? We are after all talking about my question, not somebody else’s.
Why not then only give lurve for the best answer, and hang everybody else out to dry
And anyway, isn’t any answer better than no answer at all? If somebody goes to the trouble, why not give a little pat on the back?

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You are free to give lurve to anyone, at any time and for any reason you like (the exception being if you are deliberately trying to “game” the system).

Having said that I don’t think we need a system that allows for mass lurving of every answer to a question. In any thread there’s always some responses that are either just chatting or just plain stupid and to give them lurve indiscriminately would kind of spoil it, don’t you think?

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Only if you are a Catholic priest.

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@marinelife correction, It is awardered for great answers and great questions.

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