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Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) September 16th, 2010

I guess my new guilty pleasure is Fluthering, which I’m trying to cut back (yeah right). I have a few more, such as:
*A cocktail while doing my nails
*Enjoying the occasional B movie (maybe a John Waters flick)
*Listening to ‘Lil Kim
*When I eat a Kit Kat, I peel all the chocolate off and eat the wafers one layer at a time. Then I eat the chocolate. It’s weird. I’ve been doing it since I was a child. I rarely eat candy too.
*Some reality tv (mainly the ones on VH1)
What are some of your guilty pleasures? If you don’t mind sharing.

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I like a really good piece of chocolate after dinner. Not the regular hersey bar, but something really good, like Belgian, German, or Swiss chocolates. Sometimes the ones with a little brandy or liquor in them. Just a little piece, but oh so good.

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Mike’s hard Lemonade. I drink a couple while cooking dinner. Every night.

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I’ll take a long bubble bath a few times a week.Lots of candles and a full orchestra.The horn section can get a little rowdy,but it’s usually not too uncomfortable. ;)

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My other guilty pleasure is lucille. She makes me LMAO.

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“reality” tv

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A dry martini once in a while at a fine restaurant. Also maple walnut fudge. I’ve been known to consumer whole boxes of it with no help from anyone else.

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This. It’s also my guilty secret.

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Jersey Shore =/

and beef jerky while I drink beer (which I try to do as much as possible sadly)

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I’m not guilty about anything I do, no matter how “low-class” it might be considered by others. They ain’t the boss o’ me!

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Having a company mow the lawn during the summer. After doing it myself for many years, I am more than willing to invest in and support a professional, independent and local company to complete the task.

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@boots ugh, you answered every question I wanted to. :P

Justin Bieber is my guilty pleasure.

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@boots That’s not even a guilty pleasure! :)

True Blood. The show is truly not a masterpiece but I enjoy it.

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@free_fallin I wouldn’t call True Blood one either.

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Watching shows like “Tacky House”, and the ones where people’s houses are a complete mess and someone has to come and help them tidy it all up.

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@NaturallyMe – I have never heard of that…that sounds AWESOME.

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@iamthemob You haven’t? Hehe…well sometimes it gets pretty gross, if you see how filthy some people’s houses are. But mostly it’s just people who don’t seem to know how to organize their stuff, and who have/hoard too much stuff that’s taking over the home, and a “professional” has to come in and clean it up. Definitely a VERY guilty pleasure of mine, heh heh…. :)

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@iamthemob Clean House is the US version. How Clean is Your House? can be seen on BBC America channel, if you have it.

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wait – I know those – I was thinking that “Tacky House” was the kind of thing where they went into atrociously decorated homes and showed the owners a little bit about style. THAT would be awesome. (PS – COPYRIGHT – MY IDEA)

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Ah, that would be a good show. Sell This House is the closest thing I’ve seen. And I’ll volunteer our house in England to be your first episode. Having that would be my new guilty pleasure.

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