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Do you believe that the world was made for mankind, and it is ours to conquer?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 16th, 2010

And if we conquer the world, will that not leave her… dead?

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No, i don’t believe that the world was created only for us. It can’t be. How can we be so important in this entire universe than a planet was made solely for us to conquer? That just wouldn’t make sense to me.

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I do not. Whatsoever. Believe. Any. Such. Arrogant and Foolish. Thing.

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No, no way, no how. But if we do conquer the world, she won’t be dead. She’ll be sa-tis-fied.

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No at all. But it sure feels as though many people feel it is our right to destroy it.

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Well, since I don’t believe in a God in the traditional sense, that means I can’t, by extension, believe that the world was made for us in any way. We just happen to be lucky enough to live here.

That said, I’m an old-school conservationist à la Theodore Roosevelt, and I believe that we should be able to use and enjoy nature at our leisure, but we should do it responsibly and respectfully. The fact is, we need what nature has to offer to maintain our modern, industrialized and comfortable society. If we don’t responsibly use nature, our society will crumble, but if we exploit her, than we are also fucked. Therefore, moderation is key. Not many people really want to live in mud huts anymore, and nobody wants to live in an irradiated, toxic wasteland, so it’s best, in my mind, to take the route I describe.

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The world is far stronger than mankind and will be around long after man is gone.

I believe our calling is to appreciate nature and our fellow life-forms not molest or destroy.

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No and before man can destroy her or conquer her she will respond.

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”..the world was made for mankind, and it is ours to conquer.”
Did you read this somewhere or make it up?
No, I don’t believe that because we can’t know why or how it was made. We know it had a “how” but we don’t know if it had a “why.”

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No, but I think WE were made for this world.

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I have no desire to conquer the world. I’d like to continue to keep my head above water and get everything I can out of the world without destroying her. As @Dog stated, the world will be here long after we have gone.

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Mankind is only a temporary use of this planet. A million years from now or probably sooner, there will be nary a trace of mans existence here

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God created the world so that He could have companionship with man. He is God and the exact reason He did it is known only to Him.

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And there is no reason to think He could not have wanted companionship with man on a another world. And I think He does.

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Nope, no I don’t believe that at all.

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No. We share it with some beautiful creatures

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Creationists, get your tar and feathers ready—- I believe our planet and we who trod and are destroying it are an incredibly wonderful comsmic accident.

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Our planet was an accident? That would be a pretty complex one, would it not.

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It doesn’t matter whether or not the world was made just for us. We have as much right to carve out our niche in the universe as any other occupant.

That being said, we would also be well advised to consider how we carve out that niche lest we wind up defiling our own nest to the point of uninhabitability.

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@Aster It’s surprising how complex things can become over the course of 14 billion years.

No, I don’t believe this planet was made for a specific species to conquer. And I think in a short period of time (relative to the age of the earth), our species will be gone.

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Yes complex but also an accident?

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@Aster It hardly seems possible that our planet was an accident, and most certainly not human life. there is no way we are an accident. Proof? Well, we need protein to survive, and we have not been able to get protein to suddenly form when all the requisite materials are present. It just doesn’t happen. Everything else seems to fins a way to form accidentally, but not protein. go figure.

@Austinlad Nice picture of Roy Rogers. Happy trails to you!

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I don’t claim a cosmic accident is fact, @Aster, just that it’s what I believe (as does Stephen Hawking). But since none of us were around back then, pretty sure we’ll never know for sure one way or the other.

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The world wasn’t made for mankind. We evolved here by chance. It seems very egotistical to believe all of this world was made just for us.

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No. It’s also quite arrogant to think that we can. It might seem that way, but by destroying and ruining the resources vital for human survival, we’re only pushing the hangover further back, and with more intensity, so to speak.

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