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Do you like snow?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) September 16th, 2010

We are expecting 3 days of the stuff.

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I love the snow. I couldn’t function without the change of seasons.

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Snow is awesome, I just don’t like the fact that it has to be so cold!

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I adore snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it. And as long as I have an enclosed garage! It is a Spiritual experience for me to watch it fall , so quiet, so beautiful. Mesmerizing; transforming the landscape.

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I love snow except when it gets to be 24 inches deep, which is too much of a good thing.

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No, it makes everyone wake up earlier, causes traffic backup and accidents, makes people late to work, and it makes everything dirty and wet.

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I like all of it that isn’t on my driveway, my steps and walkway, and on the sidewalk in front of the house. That shit is irksome and a chore. But there’s so much more that’s everywhere else, so on balance I have to say that I love snow.

Oh, and the stuff that goes down the back of my neck I’m not particularly fond of.

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Yup. I like snow.

But after a few weeks in a city with the stuff, then no, no I don’t like snow. But by then it’s really no longer “snow”, it’s icy sludge mixed in with dirt and whatever detritus it’s got from the mean, mean streets.

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@aprilsimnel I agree when it gets black and slushy the beauty is gone. But where I live it doesn’t do that as long as I stay

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There’s snow business like snow busine…........ahem, err…..yeah I kind of do :¬)

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I like it the first few months and I love a blizzard if I’m snug and safe but by feb I’m sick of it.

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Yes, I do. I love a good blizzard, just as long as I’ve got enough bread, milk, eggs, orange juice, and coffee in the house.

My last experience of a good blizzard was in about 1988 in Boston. We don’t have much of that sort of thing in Northern California, and after 33 years I still miss it.

But as others say, enough is enough. I could use maybe four or five snowstorms in the season, starting a couple of weeks before Christmas, and then be done with it well before Valentine’s Day. Let the crocus and forsythia come on and make it spring.

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I love early winter snow. I love holiday snow. After the 1st of the year though, when you hit the doldrums of late February onward, it’s not as charming. The exception is when you get so much that you are snowed in for a couple of days. That has a Robinson Crusoe thrill to it. If it’s just enough that you still are forced to drive in it, well…boo hiss.

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Not really because where there is snow, there is cold temperatures. I’ve lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 30 years and all I’ve ever known is warm temperatures and that’s what I like best.

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Only to visit a place with snow and then leave.

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I think so. The only time i can remember experiencing it was about 20 years ago when we went to Switzerland for a ski holiday. I can see though how it can become a nuisance if you have to get it off your car every morning before you’re able to drive, or it blocks the roads or whatever. But it does have it’s advantages too. :)

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Love to watch it fall, build a snowman, make some snowcream then watch it go away after a few days.

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I’m a Native New Yorker, though no longer liver there. Life just isn’t rite if I don’t get some snow at least once during the year.

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Very much, as long as I can go inside when ever I want.

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