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On a scale of 1-10 how confident would you say that you are?

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 16th, 2010

Confident, in general.

Why are you confident? Why not?

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8? Thats a tough one! I think it’s caused by parental influence and later experiences with classmates with some genetics tossed in.

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I think would depend on the subject. I am a 10 with many things and a 1 with many others. But in general I am probably also an 8.

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Definitely depends on the situation, I think in most cases, much like others, I would say on average (not to sound like everyone else lol) 8. But it can range anywhere from 5 all the way to 10.

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4…. I’m working on it.

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It depends on my mood, sometimes I’m a 9, and other times I’m a 5.

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What would describe a “one?” Someone shaking all over and sweating and hiding under a bed??

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I rarely launch into any discussion or decision without being confident, yet am often proven wrong or that there are other perspectives. What I would rate myself and how others rate me would spread the full gamut of 1–10. I have no idea how it would average out.

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It depends on what arena we are talking about. In social situations, I am a 6. In work situations, I am a 9.

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Well a one for me would be to try and talk with a brain surgeon about his last surgery and what happened.

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On average I’d say my confidence level is 8.5. Like others, it varies depending on the subject.

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Eh, I guess I’m around a 4 or 5 probably in most things…sad I know, but I would say alot of it is because of my upbringing… I am very Humble and a bit Shy. I’m comfortable with myself for the most part but when it comes to being confident in things I do, how I look things like that I fall a little short…hmmm maybe because I am short? Through school I caught alot of flack for that, maybe in some instances I still do, so maybe that has something to do with it too…. Oh great, thanks for asking, now I’m turning all in on myself and feeling self concious…maybe I just fell to about a 2….

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5, but only because I’m not sure which way your scale goes, so I’m hedging the bet here.

After yesterday, I’m a lot less confident on the boat than I would have thought I should be—and a lot more respectful of the lake.

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If your scale runs 1 being very confident and 10 being not so confident, then my confidence level would be around a 6 or 7. If the scale is 1 being not so confident and 10 being very confident, then my confident level would be 3 or 4.

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what? I thought a 1 would be No confidence and a 10 would be
a used car salesman.

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Ten being very confidant…
Out with the lads, maybe (5) there’s some good looking talented lad’s among them….
Out with the lasses, a definite (10) as it’s usually just me & them & we just love to party…
At work, between (8) & (9) don’t want to appear too much of a threat to my boss….
At home by myself, I simmer around about three as there’s no triggers to stimulate me, just me & the cats :-/

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If 10 is the high end than 9. I’ve learned to say screw it if I try something and it doesn’t work.

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Usually around 5–6, maybe 7 at times. I’m trying to bump it up a few points.

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How confident I am is entirely dependent upon the situation. I tend to think I can do something, then I second guess myself, and ultimately I end up being blasé about the situation. I give myself a 4.

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Depends on what I’m doing, with whom I’m doing it, and how I’m feeling about myself on that particular day. Most of the time I’m 5 and above, but not always.

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Social: 6.24
Work: 8.63
With myself: 7.88

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8–9 in professional situations, 6–7 in social situations, 1–2 on stage, but I fake it… somewhat… generally I just avoid it…. tmi, I’m sure

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free lurve for everyone

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Depends on the situation, but the average is 6.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard my good young friend…now, you’re being modest.

Answering the question: I really don’t know. I really enjoy social setting with people I know and don’t know. Just guessing…..average is about 8.99! There is no way….sound like the postal service commercial… i’m greater than my young friend. loll

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oh Nef…again, no way… I’m giving you a 10!

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Here are the scores from the English judges….....oh & they’ve given @ucme a 9.5!! Very generous score there. Can’t say we’re suprised, I mean he always performs on the big stage. What a trooper!! :¬)

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2. I don’t know. I’m not confident about many things.

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On the outside, a 10… on the inside, a 3… shhh….

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I’m confident I’m a 9… or maybe a 10… maybe a 9…

(I honestly think I can do anything.)

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An 8; no a 2 ; no a 7; no a 3….

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@worriedguy Then why are you so WORRIED?! But ok you can keep your 10

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@janbb That’s me to a T.

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@Aesthetic_Mess You were confident enough to jump into fluther with a question right off the bat. Good job.

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11. If i set my mind to it, I can accomplish anything. The problem is im horribly unmotivated so setting my mind to these things with such conviction doesnt happen often :P

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@uberbatman i can certainly relate to that!

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@Adirondackwannabe Is that really confidence? I just wanted to know something

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I don’t see highly motivated personalities as the type who would spend hours a day on fluther. That includes me, of course!

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Depends on the humidity level.

Usually 6 or 7. Unless math is involved.

stupid, stupid math

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I happen to be bipolar and also happen to be in a depressive phase, so today, my confidence level is a 1.

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Almost never.

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@hawaii_jake Read some Four Quartets and feel better.

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@hawaii_jake Sorry to hear that.

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@janbb : Thank you. Just the thought made me smile.
@JustmeAman : Thank you.

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in general i would say an 8. im overall pretty happy with myself and the way i look and my personality and sense of humor and such, but there are definitely some things i don’t like about myself, and i tend to dwell on them.

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I’m a 4 at declaring myself an 8. But I’m a 9 at saying I’m a 3.

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It depends on the situation but mostly I’d say around 7 or 8. That hasn’t always been the case though. I lived most of my life somewhere around 1 and 2.

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about 7 or 8..

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I’ll say 9. I’m confident in myself and my abilities.
Along with that, I’m not satisfied with myself. I have to force myself to just say “thank you” when someone compliments me because I really want to ask them why they are complimenting me when I can be so much better.

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10 being the high end of the scale:
Work- 9
Social- 8
Relationships- 5–7

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@Fairylover78 I was a worried guy when I first joined and things were out of my control . (You can read my first question.)
I’m not worried any more but the name stuck.

I thought I was toast
but now I can boast.

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I can talk to almost anyone openly and with confidence at any given moment and the same is true of taking on challenges, but neither is due to a sense of belief in myself and my abilities so much as my being oblivious to the potential of failure when performing these actions. That is, i’m not confident, i’m just dull.
Let’s say a questionable 8.

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Fucks if I know. Not as confident as I make myself out to be, anyway. But I don’t think something that complex may be relegated to mere scales, to begin with.

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Like everyone else…. It depends. I am very susceptible to peer pressure, and if someone says one thing wrong about me, I usually plummet to a 1.

However, whether or not I feel it, I always act at least an 8.

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It all depends what situation I’m in. I would say around a 9 when it comes to my job, my ability to perform a new task or a new job along with job interviews. Probally around a 3 when it comes to being in group situations, meeting new people, dating, relationships and making small talk. Maybe a 5 overall.

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I am confident in my personal life about 8
My non personal about 7.

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@worriedguy Glad to hear that everything turned out for the best! Your confidence should be soaring then! And I have changed my mind, I am atleast back up to my 5, I had a strange guy with gold teeth come up to me in the store this morning and rub my shoulder and tell me that I was beautiful… After I got over the shudders, I felt pretty.

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This is a very general question, which deserves a very general answer. Generally, I am at a 10+

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