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Who do you make a complaint against a tax and revenue office to?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) September 16th, 2010

I live in Guam, and the place where EVERYTHING that is important gets processed or done is at tax and rev. You get your license, passport, license plate, registration, health certificate… so on so forth. EVERYTHING is done here but they are terrible! They are rude, and if you call it literally takes two days to get through. All I want to do is call to see if my husbands passport is in and I can never get through. Usually the voicemail boxes are full but the one time it wasn’t my message was never returned! Ever! So I finally figured out if you dial out to the cashier they almost always answer, so I have been doing that to have them transfer me to the passport office. The first two times the ladies didn’t care because it takes half a second for them to press four buttons. But this last lady was so ugly to me and made it this huge deal! I’m beyond frustrated with this place, but no one on this island even cares about the quality of this place. It’s just a joke to them, and most people are related to someone who works there so they don’t even have to put up with this crap. I just want my voice to be heard on the subject but I don’t even know who to go to.

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I would talk to the elected officials that have budgetary oversight of the office.

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Does the office have an Ombudsman position? They sound like they’re in dire need of one, so perhaps they don’t.

Is there a Territorial Governor? I’m not sure how the government of Guam works. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s a Territory, a Protectorate or perhaps even independent now.

But if you’re trying to find the status of a passport, then you could also involve the US Postal Service and State Department, since the USPS handles delivery and the State Department does the processing.

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Nepotism is rampant on the island of Guam. [Removed by Fluther] Yes they do have a different attitude about work and the importance of tasks. And whoever you manage to get angry with you will have forty relatives all working in other offices and can make your life a living hell.
Wait until you are calmed down. Go in early in the morning. Be pleasant. Wait your turn. Strike up conversations with people. Take an interest. Chamorros are very family and socially oriented people, they conduct business in a different way, just like Japanese or Indians. You can’t go in with both barrels blazing and expect to get results. Take some baked stuff with you when you go to offices. Or some empanadas.
You’ll be better served if you integrate into the culture. They will accept you and your life will be ever so much easier.
Hafa Adai!

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And take a valium if it drives you nuts.

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